PUC Karnataka Arts Class 11Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka

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Arabic Class 11 PUC Karnataka Arts Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Prose
101.00 Alphabets and Types of Alphabets
  • Basic Alphabets, Vowels, Solar and lunar letters
102.00 Days of Week, and Month of Arabic and Numbers
103.00 The Holy Quran
104.00 Chapters from Holy Quran
  • Sura-e-Fatiha, Qadr, Teen, Takathur, Feel, Falaq and Nas
105.00 Hadeath (Saying of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH)
106.00 (Prophet Muhammad PBUH) the Honest and Truth Teller
107.00 Caliph Umer Bin Abdul Azeez
108.00 Wonder Medicine
109.00 Computer
110.00 Wise Sayings
111.00 Conversation with a Visitor
112.00 Great Philosopher and Poet Sarvagnya
113.00 Advices of Ali Bin Abitalib(Rz)
114.00 Qutub Minar Says
115.00 Sultan Tippu
116.00 Bold Boy
117.00 Monkey and Carpenter
118.00 Jokes
119.00 Letter Writing
  • Personal Letters, Official Letters and Business Letters
200.00 Poetry
201.00 Allah is Great
202.00 In the Praise of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
203.00 O’ My Book
204.00 Time
205.00 Song of Morning
206.00 My Mother
207.00 Play
208.00 Song of School
300.00 Grammer
301.00 Part of Sentences
302.00 Sentences Begin with Noun
303.00 Masculine and Feminine Gender
304.00 Common and Proper Noun
305.00 Pronounce and Types of It
306.00 Demonstrative Pronouns
307.00 Division of Noun in Singular, Dual and Plural
400.00 Non Detailed Study
401.00 Boat of Noah (PBUH)
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