PUC Karnataka Commerce Class 11Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka

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Accountancy Class 11 PUC Karnataka Commerce Department of Pre-University Education, Karnataka Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction to Accounting
101.00 Book-keeping, Accounting and Accountancy
102.00 Accounting as Source of Information
103.00 Objectives of Accounting
104.00 Role of Accounting
105.00 Basic Terms in Accounting

Entity, Business Transactions, Cash transaction, Credit Transaction, Capital, Drawings, Assets, Liabilities, Debtor, Creditor, Goods, Purchases, Sales, Stock, Profit, Gain, Expenses, Loss, Expenditure, Revenues, Discount, Voucher

200.00 Theory Base of Accounting
201.00 Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.(Gaap)
202.00 The Important Accounting Concepts Are
203.00 Accounting Conventions
204.00 System of Accounting
205.00 Bases of Accounting
206.00 Accounting Standards
300.00 Recording of Business Transactions 1
301.00 Voucher


302.00 Accounting Equation
303.00 Accounting Cycle
304.00 Kinds of Accounts Rules of Debit and Credit English and American System
305.00 Journal

 Meaning, Features, Format. types of journal entry

306.00 Ledger

Meaning, features format, posting to ledger, balancing of ledger account, preparation of personal account

400.00 Recording of Business Transactions 2
401.00 Meaning of Subsidiary Books
402.00 Features of Subsidiary Books
403.00 Types of Subsidiary Books

Purchases, purchases returns book, sales book, sales returns book

404.00 Journal Proper
405.00 Cash Book Meaning and Features

Types of cash book, simple and three column cash book

406.00 Petty Cash Book Meaning and Types

Preparation of analytical petty cash book under imprest system.

500.00 Bank Reconciliation Statement
501.00 Meaning and Need for Bank Reconciliation Statement
502.00 Reasons for the Difference Between the Cash Book Balance and Pass Book Balance
503.00 Preparation of Bank Reconciliation Statement
600.00 Trial Balance and Rectification of Errors.
601.00 Meaning of Trial Balance
602.00 Objectives of Preparing the Trial Balance
603.00 Preparation of Trial Balance
604.00 Errors

meaning, types rectification of errors and its methods.

700.00 Accounting for Bills of Exchange Transactions
701.00 Meaning
702.00 Features of a Bill of Exchange
703.00 Parties to a Bill of Exchange
704.00 Specimen of a Bill of Exchange
705.00 Meaning of Promissory Note
706.00 Features of a Promissory Note
707.00 Parties to a Promissory Note
708.00 Specimen of Promissory Note
709.00 Important Terms
710.00 Format of Bills Receivable Book and Bills Payable Book
711.00 Accounting Treatment of Bill Transactions
800.00 Financial Statements
801.00 Meaning and Users
802.00 Capital and Revenue Items
803.00 Preparation of Financial Statements

Trading account, profit and loss account ,closing entries balance sheet format of financial statements.

804.00 Adjustments

in preparation of financial statements with respect to closing stock, outstanding expenses, prepaid expenses, accrued incomes, income received in advance, depreciation, appreciation, bad debts, provision for doubt full debts, provision for discount on debtors and creditors, interest on capital, interest on drawings

805.00 Problems on the Preparation of Financial Statements with Adjustments
900.00 Accounts from Incomplete Records.
901.00 Meaning and Definition of Accounts from Incomplete Records
902.00 Salient Features
903.00 Uses of Accounts from Incomplete Records
904.00 Limitations of Accounts from Incomplete Records
905.00 Differences Between Double Entry System and Accounts from Incomplete Records
906.00 Ascertainment of Profit Or Loss

under accounts from incomplete records

907.00 Distinction Between Statement of Affairs and Balance Sheet
908.00 Preparation of Revised Statement of Affairs
1000.00 Computers in Accounting
1001.00 Introduction to Computer
1002.00 Application of Computers in Accounting Process
1003.00 Comparison of Accounting Process in Manual and Computerised Accounting
1004.00 Sourcing of Accounting

System (Software)

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