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Physics Class 7 ICSE CISCE Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:


100 Physical Quantities and Measurement
  • Measurement of Volume (3D concept):Concept of unit volume
  • Measurement of Area:
    Estimate the Area of irregular Shape using aGraph paper Measurement of Density of
    Regular Solids:
    Basic concept
    Simple Numerical (SI units not required)
  • Calculation of Speed:
    Basic Concept
    Simple Numerical (SI units not required).
200 Force and Pressure: Motion
  • Motion as a change in position of an object with respect to time.
  • Types of motion:
     Repetitive (Periodic and Non Periodic)
  • Uniform and Non Uniform Motion: concept of distance and speed (average speed)
  • Weight:
     Differences between Mass and Weight.
300 Energy
  • Energy:
    Energy as capacity to do work.
    Units of energy (joule and calorie).
    Different forms of energy.
    Inter-conversion of energy
  • Law of conservation of energy:
    Real world examples
400 Light Energy
  • Reflection:
    Definition and Examples.
    Terms related to reflection -
    Normal, plane, point of incidence,
    angle of incidence, angle of
  • Laws of Reflection.
  • Plane mirror:
    Ray Diagram (no mention of
    virtual image).Characteristics of
    the image formed (Lateral
    Inversion, Same size, distance is
  • Speed of light (3 X 10 8 m/s).
  • Primary colours (RGB).
  • Formation of secondary colours by Colour addition. 
  • Appearance of colour of an object
    (Based on Reflection and absorption)
  • Colour subtraction.
500 Heat
  • Heat as a form of energy and its units, joule(J) and calorie (cal).
  • Different units of Temperature (°C, °F, K).
  • Effects of Heat:
    Change in Temperature.
    Change in Size (Expansion and contraction).
    Change in State.
    Good Conductors and Bad
    Conductors of Heat and their examples.
    Choice of conductors and insulators in day to day life (Pan handles, metal cooking utensils etc.) 
  • Methods of Heat Transfer:
  • Thermos Flask:
    (Application of Heat Transfer)
600 Sound
  • Sources of sound.
  • Sound as a longitudinal wave.
  • Characteristics of a sound wave: Amplitude (Relate amplitude with loudness) and Frequency 
  • Sound needs a medium to propagate
  • Reflection and Absorption of sound.
  • Relative speed of sound in different mediums.
700 Electricity and Magnetism
  • Laws of magnetism
  • Test for a magnet (by repulsion)
  • Electromagnetism, Electromagnets and their
    applications- Electric bell
  • Electric current as a flow of charges
  • Electric cell as source of electricity
  • Resistors as components that oppose the flow of current.
  • Symbolic representation of electrical components (key,battery, bulb, conducting
    wire, resistor)
  • Simple electric circuit- Series and Parallel
  • Battery as a collection of cells connected in series.
  • Good and Bad conductors of electricity
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