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Physical Education Class 10 ICSE CISCE Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:

Units and Topics

100 Health and Hygiene -
200 First Aid -
300 Sports -
 Total -


100 Health and Hygiene
101 Personal Health

Personal cleanliness. Oral hygiene. Principles of diet with reference to teeth, slimming and obesity. Correct posture. Exercise. Recreation: Foot care. Sleep requirements. Dangers of misuse of drugs, including alcohol and smoking.

102 Diseases, Defects and Injury

Causes of disease, bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa. Vaccination and antibiotics, disinfectants and antiseptics. Spread of bronchitis, pneumonia, TB, VD, malaria, ringworm, athlete's foot through contact, droplet infection, flies and other insects. Arthritis, rheumatism and heart disease.

103 Community Health

Dangers from gas, electricity, fire, poisoning and accident.

200 First Aid

(a) Treatment of cuts and abrasions. Application of splints.

(b) Treatment of sprains, cramps and cases of drowning.

300 Sports

Candidates will be required to answer questions on the rules, skills and methods of fitness training of any two of the following team games.

Cricket, football, handball, hockey, basketball, volleyball, softball.

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