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Computer Applications Class 10 ICSE CISCE Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:


2 Class as the Basis of All Computation
3 User - Defined Method
5 Library Classes
  • Introduction to Wrapper Classes 

    Class may be considered as a new data type created by the user, that has its own functionality.

  • Types of Wrapper Class 
    • Class as a composite type
    • The distinction between primitive data type and composite data type or class types
  • Methods of Wrapper Class 

    The following methods are to be covered:

    • int parseInt(String s),
    • long parseLong(String s),
    • float parseFloat(String s),
    • double parseDouble(String s),
    • boolean isDigit(char ch),
    • boolean isLetter(char ch),
    • boolean isLetterOrDigit(char ch),
    • boolean isLowerCase(char ch),
    • boolean isUpperCase(char ch),
    • boolean isWhitespace(char ch),
    • char toLowerCase (char ch)
    • char toUpperCase(char ch)
  • Usage of Wrapper Classes 
  • Autoboxing and Unboxing in Wrapper Classes 
6 Encapsulation
  • Access Specifiers 
    • Private access specifiers
    • Protected access specifiers
    • Public access specifiers
  • Visibility Rules 
    • Visibility rules for private access specifiers
    • Visibility rules for protected access specifiers
    • Visibility rules for public access specifiers
  • Access Specifiers Scope 
    • Scope of variables
    • Scope of  Class variables
    • Scope of  Instance variables
    • Scope of  Argument variables
    • Scope of Local variables
7 Arrays
8 String Handling
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