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Art Paper 4 - Applied Art Class 10 ICSE CISCE Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:

Units and Topics

100 Applied Art -
 Total -


100 Applied Art

Candidates will be required to answer any one question. The object of this paper is to test the ability of candidates in craftwork where the material is restricted to flat paper, ink and/or colour. Questions will be set requiring the design and execution of the following:

  • the page of a book, book cover, or end paper;
  • a notice or pictorial poster;
  • a card such as Christmas card or invitation card, or emblem;
  • a patterned paper for a specific purpose.

Several but not all of these alternative subjects will be set and candidates will be required to select any one of them. There will be an opportunity to make full use of the calligrapher's art with drawn and painted, pen-made or brush-written lettering

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