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Art Paper 3 - Original Imaginative Composition in Colour Class 10 ICSE CISCE Topics and Syllabus

Academic year:

Units and Topics

100 Original Imaginative Composition in Colour -
 Total -


100 Original Imaginative Composition in Colour

A paper containing a list of alternative subjects will be given to candidates one week before the examination. The actual composition will be executed in the examination room after a period of not less than 7 days from the distribution of the paper to the candidates; sketches or other notes must not be taken into the examination room. Since this is a test of original work, it would be inappropriate for any form of guidance to be given to candidates other than that printed on the question paper. A variety of themes will be set; these may be given in the form of titles indicating the subject or of specified subjects for inclusion in composition, or in any other form that will stimulate the imagination. Candidates should base their work, if possible, on scenes which they have themselves observed. Any style or technique including that which is traditional in the candidate’s own area may be used.

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