CBSE (Commerce) Class 11CBSE

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Sociology Class 11 CBSE (Commerce) CBSE Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

1.00 Introducing Sociology
1.20 Terms, Concepts and Their Use in Sociology
1.30 Understanding Social Institutions
  • Understanding Social Institutions 
  • Family, Marriage and Kinship 
    • Variation in Family Forms
    • Families are Linked to other Social Spheres and Families Change
    • How gendered is the family?
    • The Institution of Marriage
    • Forms of Marriage
    • The Matter of Arranging Marriages: Rules and Prescriptions
    • Rules of Endogamy and Exogamy
    • Defining Some Basic Concepts, Particularly those of Family, Kinship and Marriage
  • Work and Economic Life 
    • What is Work?
    • Modern Forms of Work and Division of Labour
    • Transformation of Work
  • Politics 
    • Stateless Societies
    • The Concept of the State
  • Religion 
  • Education 
1.40 Culture and Socialisation
1.50 Doing Sociology : Research Methods
2.00 Understanding Society
2.20 Social Change and Social Order in Rural and Urban Society
2.30 Environment and Society
2.40 Introducing Western Sociologists
2.50 Indian Sociologists
  • Indian Sociologists 
    • Ghurye on Caste and Race
    • D.P. Mukerji on Tradition and Change
    • A.R. Desai on the State
    • M.N. Srinivas on the Village
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