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Social Science Class 8 CBSE (English Medium) CBSE Topics and Syllabus

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CBSE Syllabus For Class 8 Social Science: Knowing the Syllabus is very important for the students of Class 8. Shaalaa has also provided a list of topics that every student needs to understand.

The CBSE Class 8 Social Science syllabus for the academic year 2021-2022 is based on the Board's guidelines. Students should read the Class 8 Social Science Syllabus to learn about the subject's subjects and subtopics.

Students will discover the unit names, chapters under each unit, and subtopics under each chapter in the CBSE Class 8 Social Science Syllabus pdf 2021-2022. They will also receive a complete practical syllabus for Class 8 Social Science in addition to this.

Academic year:
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I Our Pasts - 3 (History)
1.01 How, When and Where
1.02 From Trade to Territory - the Company Establishes Power
1.03 Ruling the Countryside
1.04 Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
1.05 When People Rebel - 1857 and After
1.06 Colonialism and the City - the Story of an Imperial Capital
1.07 Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
1.08 Civilising the "Native", Educating the Nation
1.09 Women, Caste and Reform
1.1 The Changing World of Visual Arts
1.11 The Making of the National Movement: 1870s - 1947
II Resources and Development (Geography)
2.2 Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
2.3 Mineral and Power Resources
2.4 Agriculture
2.5 Industries
2.6 Human Resources
III Social and Political Life - 3
3.01 The Indian Constitution
3.03 Why Do We Need a Parliament?
3.05 Judiciary
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