CBSE (Arts) Class 12CBSE

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Multimedia and Web Technology Class 12 CBSE (Arts) CBSE Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Introduction to Database Management
101.00 Database Terminology

Data, Record/Tuple, Table, Database;

102.00 Concept of Keys

Candidate key, Primary key, Alternate key, and Foreign key;

103.00 Database Tool

Using any toolcreating and saving table, defining primary key, inserting and deleting column, renaming column, insert ng records, deleting records, modifying records, table relationships;

200.00 Networking and Open Standards
201.00 Computer Networking

Evolution of Networking:ARPANET, WWW, Internet;

202.00 Network Topologies

Bus, Star, Tree;

203.00 Types of Network


204.00 Wired Technologies

Twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, optical fiber;

205.00 Wireless Technologies

Bluetooth, infrared, radio link, microwave lnk, radio link and satellite link;

206.00 Network Devices

Hub, switch, repeater, gateway - and their functions;

Identifying computers and users rNer a network: Bas c concept of domain name, MAC (Media Access Control) and IP Address, domain name resolution;

207.00 Wireless Or Mobile Communication

GSM, CDMA, GPRS, Wll., 3G, 4G;

208.00 Internet Applications

sms, voice mail, email,chat and video conferencing;

209.00 Network Security Concepts

Cyberlaw, firewall, cookies, hackers and crackers;

210.00 Open Source Concepts

Open Source Concepts: Proprietary and open source software(OSS), common FOSS/FLOSS


(e.g. GNU/Linux, Firefox, OpenOffice, Linux, Mozilla web browser, Apache server, MySQL, Postgres, Pango,Tomcat, PHP, Python);

Indian Language Computing: character encoding, UNICODE, different types of fonts (open type vs true type, static vs dynamic), Entering Indian Language Text - phonetic and key map based;

[Note: Teacher can introduce the students to these websites www.sourceforge. net,,www.opensource. org,,,]

300.00 Web Page Development
301.00 Installation and Managing Web-server

Internet Information Server (IIS);

302.00 PHP

Concept of PHP, features of PHP, other equivalent tools - JSP, PHP Including PHPin web page;

303.00 Data Types

integer, double, string,boolean, null,array, object, resources;

304.00 Variables

Using variables in PHP; Explicit and Implicit declaration of variables;

305.00 Constants

Using constants in PHP, constant() function:;

306.00 Output Data to Screen

echo and print statements

307.00 Operators
  1. Arithmetic: +, - (Unary and Binary),* , I , %, **
  2. Assitnment Operators =, +=, - =, *=, /=.%=
  3. String Operator(concatenation) .,.=
  4. Comparison: <, >, <=, >=, !=, ==,===.!===
  5. Incrementing/Decrementi ng Operators:++, --
  6. Logical:AND, OR, !,&&, | |;
  7. Array Operators :union(+),equality =,identity ===,inequality <>,!=,nonidentity !===
  8. Operator precedence;
308.00 Functions
  1. String Manipulation Functions: strtoupper(), strtolower(), strlen(), ltrim(), substr(), rtrim(), trim(), strrev(), strcasecmp(), strcmp(), stripslashes()
  2. Time & Date Functions: Date(), getdate(), gettimeofday(), Mktime(), strtotime(), cal_days_in_month()
309.00 Arrays

Declaration and use ofindexed arrays(1 dimensional); sort(),rsort() inbuilt functions;

310.00 Conditional Statements

if else,if ...elseif....else, switch

311.00 Loops

While, Do While , For, For each;

Uncondftfonal exft fromloop /swftch Break;

312.00 Global Variables - Superglobals


313.00 User Defined Functions

Passing parameters/arguments; Pass by value, pass by reference,return value,default value

314.00 PHP Forms

Form Handling,Form Validation, Form URL/E-mail

315.00 Text Files

Opening a file,Reading a file,Writing a file,Closing a file

316.00 Other Features

PHP File Upload, Cookies, Sessions(start, modify and destroy), Error Handling

317.00 Working on Database

Connecting with Databases: opening and closing database

Inserting,retrieving,modifying/updation of records from tables in databases

400.00 Multimedia and Authoring Tools
401.00 Movie File Formats


402.00 Embedding

Audio/Video on the web page;

403.00 Multimedia Authoring Using Macromedia Flash

Making of simple movie, setting properties, frame rate, dimensions, and background color;

404.00 Movie Frames

Concept of frame, frame buffer, and frame rate, creating a key frame;

Inserting text into the frame, insert ng graphical elements into the frame, converting text/graphics to symbol, inserting symbol into the frame, setting symbol property (graphics/button/movie), inserting blank key frame, selecting all /specific frames of a layer, copying/pasting selected frames;

405.00 Scene

Concept of scene, duplicate scene, add scene, delete scene, and navigating between scenes;

406.00 Layers

Concept of layer, layer properties, layer name, show/hide/lock layers, viewing layer as outline, adding/deleting a layer;

Types of Layer :- normal/guide/mask;

407.00 Special Effects

Motion Tweening, Shape Tweening, Inserting Sound Layer;

Testing a Scene and Movie;

Import/Export (Movie/Sound and other multimedia objects);

408.00 Publishing

Publishing a movie, changing publ sh sett ngs, producing swf(flash movie), html page, gif image, jpeg image (*.jpg), png image, windows projector (*.exe), macintosh projector (*.hqx), quick time (*.mov), real player (*.smil);

Testing with Publish Preview;

409.00 Multimedia Application

Education (use of CAL tool), entertainment, edutainment, virtual reality, digital libraries, information kiosks, video on demand,video phone, video conferencing and telemedicine.

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