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Human Rights and Gender Studies Class 12 CBSE (Arts) CBSE Topics and Syllabus

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Academic year:


100 Human Rights - Advanced Introduction to Human Rights
101 Development of International Human Rights Conventions and Agencies
102 Human Rights in India - Provisions Versus Realties
200 Human Rights - Essential Rights for Human Development
201 Equality of Opportunity
  1. Rights of the Differently Abled and children with special needs.
  2. The Role of the Government, voluntary groups and NGOs in affirmative action.
  3. Studying the laws arising out violation of Rights related to the equality of opportunity.
202 Human Rights and the Use of Natural Resources
  1. Land and Water- conservation and the future.
203 Human Rights and the Environment
  1. Environment in Relation to Human Rights
  2. The Right to Rehabilitation of those displaced
  3. Role of women and the environment
300 Human Rights - Redressal Mechanism
301 Legal and Statutory Remediation and Support
  • Need
  • Remedies and Support
400 Gender Studies - Advance Introduction to Gender Studies
401 The Relevance and Need for Gender Studies

Gender Studies through the historical lens. Perspectives and Positions of Gender Studies in the West and in India with particular reference to the contemporary times.

500 Gender Studies - Gender Mainstreaming
501 Role of Education, Media and Society
502 Gender and Socio-economic Development
503 (Women'S) Movements and Empowerment
600 Gender Studies - Studying Violations and Redressal Mechanisms.
601 Gendered Abuse, Harassment and Crime Against Women in Domestic and Public Spaces
  1. Women in Domestic and Public spaces.
602 Legal and Statutory Redressal and Support
  1. Delving deeper into the workings of redressal mechanisms
  2. Discussing about Statutory Bodies.
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