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Environmental Studies Class 5 CBSE CBSE Topics and Syllabus

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Academic year:


1 Super Senses
2 A Snake Charmer’s Story
3 From Tasting to Digesting
4 Mangoes Round the Year
5 Seeds and Seeds
6 Every Drop Counts
7 Experiments with Water
8 A Treat for Mosquitoes
9 Up You Go!
10 Walls Tell Stories
11 Sunita in Space
12 What If It Finishes ...?
13 A Shelter So High!
14 When the Earth Shook!
15 Blow Hot, Blow Cold
16 Who Will Do this Work?
17 Across the Wall
18 No Place for Us?
19 A Seed Tells a Farmer’s Story
20 Whose Forests?
21 Like Father, like Daughter
22 On the Move Again
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