CBSE (Science) Class 11CBSE

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Biotechnology Class 11 CBSE (Science) CBSE Topics and Syllabus

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Topics with syllabus and resources

100.00 Biotechnology: an Overview

Historical Perspectives, Technology and Applications of Biotechnology, Global market and Biotech
Products, Public Perception of Biotechnology, Biotechnology in India and Global Trends.

200.00 Molecules of Life
201.00 Biomolecules: Building Blocks

Building Blocks of Carbohydrates - Sugars and their derivatives, Building Blocks of Proteins - Amino Acids, Building Blocks of Lipids - Simple Fatty Acids, Sphingosine, Glycerol and Cholesterol, Building blocks of Nucleic Acids - Nucleotides, Biochemical Transformations

202.00 Macromolecules: Structure and Function

Carbohydrates - The Energy Givers, Proteins - The Performers, Enzymes - The catalysts, Lipids and Biomembranes - The Barriers, Nucleic Acids - The Managers

300.00 Genetics and Molecular Biology
301.00 Concepts of Genetics

Historical Perspective, Multiple Alleles, Linkage and Crossing Over, Genetic Mapping, Gene Interaction, Sex-Linked Inheritance, Extranuclear Inheritance, Quantitative Inheritance, Genes at the Population Level.

302.00 Genes and Genomes: Structure and Function

Discovery of DNA as Genetic Material, DNA Replication, Fine Structure of the Genes, From Gene to Protein, Transcription - The Basic Process, Genetic Code, Translation, Regulation of Gene Expression, Mutations, DNA Repair, Human Genetic Disorders, Genome Organization

400.00 Cells and Organisms
401.00 The Basic Unit of Life

Cell Structure and Components, Tissues and Organs, Stem Cells, Biodiversity, Organization of life.

402.00 Cell Growth and Development

Cell Division, Cell Cycle, Cell Communication, Nutrition, Gaseous Exchange, Internal Transport, Maintaining the Internal Environment, Reproduction, In Vitro Fertilization, Animal and Plant Development, Immune Response in Animals, Programmed Cell Death, Defense Mechanisms in Plants.

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