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Textbook Solutions for SSC (English Medium) Class 8 - Maharashtra State Board

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Balbharati Solutions for Balbharati Class 8 Geography Geography

Chapters : Local Time and Standard Time, Interior of the Earth, Humidity and Clouds, Structure of Ocean Floor, Ocean Currents, Land Use, Population, Industries, Map Scale, Field Visit

Balbharati Solutions for Balbharati Class 8 History and Civics History and Civics

Chapters : Sources of History, Europe and India, Effects of British rule, The Freedom Struggle of 1857, Social and Religious Reforms, Beginning of Freedom Movement, Non-co-operation Movement, Civil Disobedience Movement, Last Phase of Struggle for Independence, Armed Revolutionary Movement, Struggle for Equality, India gains Independence, Fulfillment of Struggle for Independence, Formation of State of Maharashtra, Introduction to the Parliamentary System, The Indian Parliament, The Union Executive, The Indian Judicial System, The State Government, Bureaucracy

Balbharati Solutions for Balbharati Class 8 Mathematics Mathematics

Chapters : Rational and Irrational numbers, Parallel lines and transversals, Indices and Cube root, Altitudes and Medians of a triangle, Expansion formulae, Factorisation of Algebraic expressions, Variation, Quadrilateral : Constructions and Types, Discount and Commission, Division of Polynomials, Statistics, Equations in one variable, Congruence of triangles, Compound interest, Area, Surface area and Volume, Circle : Chord and Arc

Balbharati Solutions for Balbharati Class 8 Science - General Science Science

Chapters : Living World and Classification of Microbes, Health and Diseases, Force and Pressure, Current Electricity and Magnetism, Inside the Atom, Composition of Matter, Metals and Nonmetals, Pollution, Disaster Management, Cell and Cell Organelles, Human Body and Organ System, Introduction to Acid and Base, Chemical Change and Chemical Bond, Measurement and Effects of Heat, Sound, Reflection of Light, Man made Materials, Ecosystems, Life Cycle of Stars

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Textbook solutions and Reference book solutions for Class 8

• On this page you will find Balbharati solution for Class 8.
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• Solved equations along with examples help the students to understand the different steps towards solving their exercises.
• Compilation of different exercises makes it a great choice for students to practice to brush up their concepts and skills.
• These books are a must-have for the students who want to closely evaluate the different aspects of their respective subjects.
• Different graphs along with schematic representations help the students to memorise the many steps.
• These solutions for Class 8 are prepared by experts, include the problems from latest edition and are as per CBSE pattern.

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