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Author: Balbharati
Publisher: Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research

25 Chapters:
1 Our Earth and Our Solar System
2 Motions of the Earth
3 The Earth and its Living World
4 Environmental Balance
5 Family Values
6 Rules Are for Everyone
7 Let us Solve our own Problems
8 Public Facilities and My School
9 Maps - our Companions
10 Getting to Know India
11 Our Home and Environment
12 Food for All
13 Methods of Preserving Food
14 Transport
15 Communication and Mass Media
16 Water
17 Clothes - our Necessity
18 The Environment and Us
19 Constituents of Food
20 Our Emotional World
21 Busy at Work - our Internal Organs
22 Growth and Personality Development
23 Infectious Diseases and how to Prevent them
24 Substances, Objects and Energy
25 Community Health and Hygiene

Author: Balbharathi
Publisher: Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research

10 Chapters:
1 What is History?
2 History and the Concept of ‘Time’
3 Life on Earth
4 Evolution
5 Evolution of Mankind
6 Stone Age : Stone Tools
7 From Shelters to Village-settlements
8 Beginning of Settled Life
9 Settled Life and Urban Civilization
10 Historic Period

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