Maharashtra State BoardSSC (English Medium) 6th Standard
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Textbook Solutions for SSC (English Medium) 6th Standard - Maharashtra State Board - General Science

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General Science
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Author: Balbharati
Publisher: Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research

16 Chapters:
1 Natural Resources –Air, Water and Land
2 The Living World
3 Diversity in Living Things and Their Classification
4 Disaster Management
5 Substances in the Surroundings –Their States and Properties
6 Substances in Daily Use
7 Nutrition and Diet
8 Our Skeletal System and the Skin
9 Motion and Types of Motion
10 Force and Types of Force
11 Work and Energy
12 Simple Machines
13 Sound
14 Light and the Formation of Shadows
15 Fun with Magnets
16 The Universe

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Textbook solutions and Reference book solutions for 6th Standard

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• Compilation of different exercises makes it a great choice for students to practice to brush up their concepts and skills.
• These books are a must-have for the students who want to closely evaluate the different aspects of their respective subjects.
• Different graphs along with schematic representations help the students to memorise the many steps.
• These solutions for 6th Standard are prepared by experts, include the problems from latest edition and are as per CBSE pattern.

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