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Textbook Solutions for ICSE Class 10 - CISCE - Mathematics

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Author: ICSE
Publisher: ICSE

20 Chapters:
1 Compound Interest
2 Sales Tax and Value Added Tax
3 Banking
4 Shares and Dividends
5 Linear Inequations (Solving Linear Inequations in One Variable)
6 Quadratic Equation
7 Reflection
8 Ratio and Proportion
9 Factorization
10 Matrices
11 Coordinate Geometry
12 Symmetry
13 Similarity
14 Loci (Locus and its Constructions)
15 Circles
16 Constructions (Circle)
17 Mensuration
18 Trigonometry
19 Statistics
20 Probability

Author: R.K. Bansal
Publisher: Selina Publishers

25 Chapters:
1 GST (Goods And Service Tax)
2 Banking (Recurring Deposit Account)
3 Shares and Dividend
4 Linear Inequations (In one variable)
5 Quadratic Equations
6 Solving (simple) Problems (Based on Quadratic Equations)
7 Ratio and Proportion (Including Properties and Uses)
8 Remainder and Factor Theorems
9 Matrices
10 Arithmetic Progression
11 Geometric Progression
12 Reflection
13 Section and Mid-Point Formula
14 Equation of a Line
15 Similarity (With Applications to Maps and Models)
16 Loci (Locus and Its Constructions)
17 Circles
18 Tangents and Intersecting Chords
19 Constructions (Circles)
20 Cylinder, Cone and Sphere
21 Trigonometrical Identities
22 Height and Distances
23 Graphical Representation
24 Measure of Central Tendency(Mean, Median, Quartiles and Mode)
25 Probability

Author: Frank
Publisher: Frank Brothers

25 Chapters:
1 Compound Interest
2 Sales Tax and Value Added Tax
3 Banking
4 Shares and Dividends
5 Linear Inequations
6 Quadratic Equations
7 Problems Based On Quadratic Equations
8 Reflection
9 Ratio and Proportion
10 Remainder And Factor Theorems
11 Matrices
12 Distance and Section Formulae
13 Equation of A Straight Line
14 Symmetry
15 Similarity
16 Loci
17 Circles
18 Constructions
19 Mensuration I
20 Mensuration II
21 Trigonometric Identities
22 Heights and Distances
23 Graphical Representations
24 Measures Of Central Tendency
25 Probability

Author: ML Aggarwal
Publisher: (APC) Avichal Publishing Company

22 Chapters:
1 Value Added Tax
2 Banking
3 Shares and Dividends
4 Linear Inequations
5 Quadratic Equations in One Variable
6 Factorization
7 Ratio and Proportion
8 Matrices
9 Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions
10 Reflection
11 Section Formula
12 Equation of a Straight Line
13 Similarity
14 Locus
15 Circles
16 Constructions
17 Mensuration
18 Trigonometric Identities
19 Trigonometric Tables
20 Heights and Distances
21 Measures of Central Tendency
22 Probability

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Textbook solutions and Reference book solutions for Class 10

• On this page you will find ICSE solution, Selina solution, Frank solution, ML Aggarwal solution for Class 10.
• Each chapter comes with subsections that provide in-depth knowledge about the basic concepts.
• Solved equations along with examples help the students to understand the different steps towards solving their exercises.
• Compilation of different exercises makes it a great choice for students to practice to brush up their concepts and skills.
• These books are a must-have for the students who want to closely evaluate the different aspects of their respective subjects.
• Different graphs along with schematic representations help the students to memorise the many steps.
• These solutions for Class 10 are prepared by experts, include the problems from latest edition and are as per CBSE pattern.

Reference book solutions and textbook solutions on is a great source for Reference book solutions and textbook solutions of all Subjects for Practice. Our best teachers have reviewed all the Class 10 solutions of exercise questions that will help you solve all the Class 10 questions of all subject without any problem. Reference book Solutions are highly beneficial especially when you are thinking to prepare for school as well as competitive level examinations. We at work hard to create better ways in order to help students and provide you with the detailed solutions for all questions from reference boook and textbook as per the latest marking scheme pattern is to back you up in effective learning in all the examinations conducted by CISCE.
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