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Textbook Solutions for CBSE (Science) Class 12 - CBSE - Physics

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Author: H.C. Verma
Publisher: Bharti Bhawan Publishers & Distributors

22 Chapters:
1 Introduction to Physics
2 Physics and Mathematics
3 Rest and Motion: Kinematics
4 The Forces
5 Newton's Laws of Motion
6 Friction
7 Circular Motion
8 Work and Energy
9 Centre of Mass, Linear Momentum, Collision
10 Rotational Mechanics
11 Gravitation
12 Simple Harmonics Motion
13 Fluid Mechanics
14 Some Mechanical Properties of Matter
15 Wave Motion and Waves on a String
16 Sound Waves
17 Light Waves
18 Geometrical Optics
19 Optical Instruments
20 Dispersion and Spectra
21 Speed of Light
22 Photometry

Author: H.C. Verma
Publisher: Bharti Bhawan Publishers & Distributors

25 Chapters:
1 Heat and Temperature
2 Kinetic Theory of Gases
3 Calorimetry
4 Laws of Thermodynamics
5 Specific Heat Capacities of Gases
6 Heat Transfer
7 Electric Field and Potential
8 Gauss’s Law
9 Capacitors
10 Electric Current in Conductors
11 Thermal and Chemical Effects of Current
12 Magnetic Field
13 Magnetic Field due to a Current
14 Permanent Magnets
15 Magnetic Properties of Matter
16 Electromagnetic Induction
17 Alternating Current
18 Electromagnetic Waves
19 Electric Current through Gases
20 Photoelectric Effect and Wave-Particle Duality
21 Bohr’s Model and Physics of Atom
22 X-rays
23 Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices
24 The Nucleus
25 The Special Theory of Relativity

Author: NCERT
Publisher: NCERT

15 Chapters:
1 Electric Charge and Fields
2 Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance
3 Current Electricity
4 Moving Charges and Magnetism
5 Magnetism and Matter
6 Electromagnetic Induction
7 Alternating Current
8 Electromagnetic Waves
9 Ray Optics and Optical Instruments
10 Wave Optics
11 Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
12 Atoms
13 Nuclei
14 Semiconductor Electronics: Materials, Devices and Simple Circuits
15 Communication Systems

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Textbook solutions and Reference book solutions for Class 12

• On this page you will find HC Verma solution, NCERT solution for Class 12.
• Each chapter comes with subsections that provide in-depth knowledge about the basic concepts.
• Solved equations along with examples help the students to understand the different steps towards solving their exercises.
• Compilation of different exercises makes it a great choice for students to practice to brush up their concepts and skills.
• These books are a must-have for the students who want to closely evaluate the different aspects of their respective subjects.
• Different graphs along with schematic representations help the students to memorise the many steps.
• These solutions for Class 12 are prepared by experts, include the problems from latest edition and are as per CBSE pattern.

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