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Self-consciousness is the property of

[0.01] The Living World
Chapter: [0.01] The Living World
Concept: Introduction of the Living World

Which of the following statement is NOT true for five kingdom system of classification?

[0.02] Biological Classification
Chapter: [0.02] Biological Classification
Concept: Introduction of Biological Classification


Find the INCORRECT pair regarding Kingdom Plantae.

[0.03] Plant Kingdom
Chapter: [0.03] Plant Kingdom
Concept: Kingdom Plantae

Select the INCORRECT statement from the following.

[0.04] Animal Kingdom
Chapter: [0.04] Animal Kingdom
Concept: Kingdom Animalia

Identify the INCORRECT statement about essential conditions in dairy farm management.

[0.31] Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Chapter: [0.31] Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production
Concept: Introduction of Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production

Identify the INCORRECT statement with reference of Biocontrol agents:

[0.32] Microbes in Human Welfare
Chapter: [0.32] Microbes in Human Welfare
Concept: Introduction of Microbes in Human Welfare

Biotechnology is an applied science which involves

[0.33] Biotechnology - Principles and Processes
Chapter: [0.33] Biotechnology - Principles and Processes
Concept: Introduction of Principles and Processes of Biotechnology

Bilaterally symmetrical and acoelomate animal are exemplified by:

[0.04] Animal Kingdom
Chapter: [0.04] Animal Kingdom
Concept: Kingdom Animalia

In which field application of biotechnology occurs?

[0.34] Biotechnology and Its Application
Chapter: [0.34] Biotechnology and Its Application
Concept: Introduction of Biotechnology and Its Application

An association of individuals of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interactions is

[0.35] Organisms and Populations
Chapter: [0.35] Organisms and Populations
Concept: Introduction of Organisms and Populations

Which one of the following is a characteristic feature of cropland ecosystem?

[0.36] Ecosystem
Chapter: [0.36] Ecosystem
Concept: Ecosystem

Match the columns and opt for the correct answer.

  Column I   Column II
i. Numbers and codes a. Phylogenetic classification
ii. Chromosome number b. Numerical taxonomy
iii. Chemical constituents c. Cytotaxonomy
iv. Evolutionary relationship d. Chemotaxonomy
[0.03] Plant Kingdom
Chapter: [0.03] Plant Kingdom
Concept: Kingdom Plantae

The branch of biology that deals with study of form and structure of organisms is called

[0.05] Morphology of Flowering Plants
Chapter: [0.05] Morphology of Flowering Plants
Concept: Plant Morphology

Who amongst the following, made a conservative and scientifically sound estimate about the species diversity?

[0.37] Biodiversity and Its Conservation
Chapter: [0.37] Biodiversity and Its Conservation
Concept: Introduction to Biodiversity and Conservation

Which of the following tissue is responsible for conducting water and minerals from roots to the stem and leaves?

[0.06] Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Chapter: [0.06] Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Concept: Anatomy and Functions of Different Parts of Flowering Plants

Pollutant brings about

[0.38] Environmental Issues
Chapter: [0.38] Environmental Issues
Concept: Environmental Issues

An orderly combination of tissues is called

[0.07] Structural Organisation in Animals
Chapter: [0.07] Structural Organisation in Animals
Concept: Introduction of Structural Organisation in Animals

______ first saw and described a live cell.

[0.08] Cell: the Unit of Life
Chapter: [0.08] Cell: the Unit of Life
Concept: Cell: the Fundamental Unit of Life

Two chief functions of leaves are ______.  

[0.13] Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Chapter: [0.13] Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Concept: Introduction of Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

Cellular respiration is carried out by ______. 

[0.14] Respiration in Plants
Chapter: [0.14] Respiration in Plants
Concept: Introduction of Respiration in Plants
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