MA Economics (IDOL) (Correspondence) Part 1University of Mumbai
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Question Papers and Solutions: MA Economics (IDOL) (Correspondence) Part 1 - University of Mumbai [2017, 2015, 2014] PDFs

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Agricultural Economics2016 - 2017 (Oct)
Agricultural Economics2016 - 2017 (Mar)
Industrial Economics2016 - 2017 (Oct)
Industrial Economics2016 - 2017 (Mar)
Macro Economics2016 - 2017 (Oct)
Macro Economics2016 - 2017 (Mar)
Micro Economics2016 - 2017 (Oct)
Micro Economics2016 - 2017 (Mar)
Agricultural Economics2014 - 2015 (Apr)
Industrial Economics2014 - 2015 (Apr)
Macro Economics2014 - 2015 (Apr)
Micro Economics2014 - 2015 (Apr)
Agricultural Economics2013 - 2014 (Apr)
Industrial Economics2013 - 2014 (Apr)
Macro Economics2013 - 2014 (Apr)
Micro Economics2013 - 2014 (Apr)
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Question Papers and Solutions for MA Economics (IDOL) (Correspondence) Part 1 University of Mumbai. You can further filter Question Papers and Solutions by subjects and years and solutions. is a great source for Past years Question papers of all Subjects for Practice.

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