BE Electrical Engineering Semester 2 (FE First Year)University of Mumbai
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Question Paper - Structured Programming Approach 2015 - 2016 BE Electrical Engineering Semester 2 (FE First Year)

 Question Paper - Structured Programming Approach 2015 - 2016 - B.E. - Semester 2 (FE First Year) - University of Mumbai


2.01 Developing Algorithms
2.02 Efficiency of Algorithms
3.01 Expressions in C; Arithmetic and Boolean Expressions
3.02 Use of Standard Functions
3.03 Assignment Statement
3.04 Input and Output
4.01 Scalar Data Types in C , Scope and Life Time, Type Conversion
5.01 Ordering a Solution in a Loop
5.02 C- Control Structures for Iteration
6.01 C-control Structures for Selection
7.01 Defining Functions in C
7.02 Functions and Parameters
7.03 Introduction to Recursive Functions
8.01 Arrays
8.02 Strings
8.03 Structures
8.04 Files
8.05 Pointers

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Question paper for Structured Programming Approach 2015 - 2016 Semester 2 (FE First Year) by University of Mumbai for the courses BE Electrical Engineering, BE Biotechnology, BE Automobile Engineering, BE IT (Information Technology), BE Printing and Packaging Technology, BE Electronics Engineering, BE Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, BE Marine Engineering, BE Instrumentation Engineering, BE Computer Engineering, BE Civil Engineering, BE Construction Engineering, BE Chemical Engineering, BE Production Engineering, BE Mechanical Engineering, BE Biomedical Engineering.