Question Paper - Engineering Geology 2010 - 2011-B.E.-Semester 3 (SE Second Year) University of Mumbai



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UnitSemester 3 (SE Second Year)
SubjectEngineering Geology  
Year2010 - 2011 (November)  

 Question Paper - Engineering Geology 2010 - 2011-B.E.-Semester 3 (SE Second Year) University of Mumbai

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1 Introduction
1.01 Branches of Geology
1.02 Internal Structure of the Earth
2 General and Physical Geology
2.01 Agents Modifying the Earth'S Surface
2.02 Brief Study of Geological Action of River
2.03 Volcano
2.04 Earthquake
3 Mineralogy
4 Petrology
4.01 Igneous Petrology
4.02 Metamorphic Petrology
5  Structural Geology
6 Stratigraphy and Indian Geolo
7 Geological Investigation
7.01 Preliminary Geological Investigation
7.02 Core Drilling
7.03 Use of Aerial Photographs
8 Geology of Dam and Reservoir Site
8.01 Strengths, Stability, Water Tightness
8.02 Precautions Over the Unfavorable Geological Structures
9 Tunneling
10 Ground Water
10.01 Sources, Zones, Water Table,
10.02 Springs Seepage Sites
11 Recharge of Ground Water
12 Land Slides
13 Building Stones

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