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Question Paper Solutions - Social Science 2013 - 2014 CBSE Class 10

SubjectSocial Science
Year2013 - 2014 (March)

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Marks: 90
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Which one of the following is a 'National Political Party'?

(A) Samajwadi Party
(B) Rashtriya Janata Dal
(C) Rashtriya Lok Dal
(D) Bahujan Samaj Party

Chapter: [5.02] Political Parties and Types
Concept: Major National and Regional Parties in India/ Types of Political Parties

Which one of the following laws was enacted by the Government of India in October 2005?

(A) The Right to Property Act

(B) The Right to Education Act

(C) The Consumer Protection Act

(D) The Right to Information Act

Chapter: [4.05] Consumer Rights
Concept: Rise of Consumer Awareness

Which one of the following refers to investment?

(A) The money spent on religious ceremonies

(B) The money spent on social customs

(C) The money spent to buy assets such as land

(D) The money spent on household goods

Chapter: [4.03] Money and Credit: Role of Money in an Economy
Concept: Role of Money in an Economy
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Explain the conditions that were viewed as obstacles to the economic exchange and growth by the new commercial classes during the nineteenth century in Europe.

Chapter: [1.01] Events and Processes
Concept: Rise of Nationalism in Europe - Growth of Nationalism in Europe After the 1830s.

Why did Gandhiji decide to launch a nationwide Satyagraha against the proposed Rowlatt Act, 1919? Explain.

Chapter: [3.03] Popular Struggles and Movements
Concept: Concept of Popular Struggles and Movements

Describe the main features of the 'Salt March'.

Chapter: [1.01] Events and Processes
Concept: Nationalism in India - Salt Satyagraha

Why are efficient means of transport pre-requisites for the fast development of the country? Explain

Chapter: [2.06] Life Lines of National Economy
Concept: Importance of Means of Communication and Transportation

How is democratic government known as responsive government? Explain with examples.

Chapter: [3.05] Outcomes of Democracy
Concept: Concep for Democracy Led to Development, Security and Dignity for the People

Explain with an example, how credit plays a vital and positive role for development.

Chapter: [4.03] Money and Credit: Role of Money in an Economy
Concept: Formal and Informal Financial Institutions for Savings and Credit
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