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English Set A 2018-2019 HSC Arts (English Medium) 12th Board Exam Question Paper Solution

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English [Set A ]
Marks: 80 Academic Year: 2018-2019
Date & Time: 20th February 2019, 1:00 pm
Duration: 3h
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SECTION – I (Reading Skill, Grammer, Vocabulary, Note-making and Summary)
[15] 1
[12] 1.A | Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the Activitites :

     We were an argrarian people. And my main hobby in my early teens was to wander through paddy field to see the different kinds of birds and how they nest. On the outskirts of the paddy fields, there had been many coconut trees and black palm trees. Beautifully crafted nests of the weaver-birds thookkanaam kuruvikal-would be seen dangling from the ends of palm leaves. Hundreds of these little birds would land on the paddy to squeeze the milk from the tender rice. They would come to the fields when the young stalks come out of the rise-plants. At this stage of the paddy, my father would send me to our field with a tin drum to scare these birds away. But often I have enjoyed the sight of these little birds balancing on the tender stalks and squeezing the milk out of the green rice. When the paddy is ripe enough to harvest, flocks of parrots would land there and cut the ripe stalks with their sharp beaks and fly away with the stalks dangling in their beaks. I have always liked to see this sight also.
       The nest of parrots were neatly crafted holes in the trunks of palm trees. I continued to wonder how they made chose holes on the hard trunks until I saw the patient work of the woodpeckers. They were the carpenters and their long, sharp and strong beaks, chisels. They make the holes (in search of worms inside the weak spots of the trunks) and the parrots occupy them. If I heard the sound tak, tak, tak. I knew it was a woodpeckers chiselling a had trunk. I would go after him. It seems that the woodpecker is the only bird which can walk perpendicularly on the tree trunks! How beautiful the sight was! Its strong legs, red crest, the dark red stripe on the face and black beak and the tak, tak, tak sound used to captivate me

A1. Complete the following table :Choose two sentence that appropriately mention the theme of the passage :

(i) The extract deals with the techniques to scare the birds away.
(ii) The extract depicts how parrots make holes on the tree trunks.
(iii) The extract depicts the writer’s love towards the birds.
(iv) The extract deals with the activities of different birds.

A2. Complete the flow-chart : 

A3. Complete the following table :

A4. Vocabulary -

Match the pairs of the words in column ‘A’ with their meaning in column ‘B’ :

Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
(i) dangling (a) connected with farming
(ii) squeezing (b) attract the attention
(iii) agrarian (c) hanging freely
(iv) captivate (d) pressing firmly

A5. Personal response - 

Suggest two measures to increase the number of birds.

A6. Grammer -

Rewrite the following sentences in the way instructed
(i) The paddy is ripe enough to harvest
(Remove ‘enough’ and rewrite the sentence.)
(ii) How beautiful the sight was!
(Rewritte as an assertive sentence)

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.07] Reading Skill (Textual and Non-textual)
[3] 1.B | Grammer
[1] 1.B.1

Do as directed :

 When earthquake strikes, world trembles.
(Insert appropriate articles wherever necessary and rewrite it.)


Concept: Articles - A, An, The
Chapter: [0.05] Grammar Section
[1] 1.B.2

Do as directed : 

I spent my holiday _______ some friends ________ a wooden house.
(Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.)


Concept: Parts of Speech - Preposition
Chapter: [0.05] Grammar Section
[1] 1.B.3

Do as directed :

Radha said to the teacher, “I feel very happy to help my mother at home.”
(Change it into indirect speech.)

Concept: Direct-Indirect Speech
Chapter: [0.05] Grammar Section
[15] 2
[12] 2.A | Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities:

        On this historic moment, I stand here to thank Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. India’s present epoch maker has come over here to bless the state of Maharashtra which is definitely going to last forever. On behalf of thousands of common people, I express my deep sense of gratitude to him for blessing us. We Maharashtrians love him, worship him. And once again, I wish to declare that this state of Maharashtra, recently formed, will work for the betterment of the common people of Maharashtra, but if it comes to sacrifice, whatever best and grand we have, it will be done primarily for India. This is so, because, we believe from the beginning, that Maharashtra depends on India; its greatness depends on the greatness of India. All Maharashtrians believe that both India and Maharashtra can progress only when there is oneness of interest. And, therefore, I have made this clear by bringing to your notice the significance of certain symbols, for example, the Himalayas stand for lndia and the Sahyadri, for Maharashtra. The snowy Himalayas with the highest mountain ranges symbolise India and the Sahyadri with the blackest rock structure and with 200-300 inches rainfall symbolise Maharashtra. I promise you that if the Himalayas are in jeopardy, the Sahyadri of Maharashtra will use its black rock structure like a shield to protect the Himalayas.
    ‘Hard labour’ is the watch word of our times. And, Panditji, you have given us the message of building Maharashtra and our nation by hard labour. We are going to inscribe this valuable message on our minds and try our best to look at your blessings and your guidance, as the blessings and guidance of an epoch maker.

A1 . Read the following statements. Find out the correct statements and write them down : (2)

(i) Both India and Maharashtra can progress if they have different interests.
(ii) Hard work is the only way to build the future of India and Maharashtra.
(iii) The sacrifice of the best and grand in Maharashtra will be made for the state of Maharashtra.
(iv) In times of great calamity the Sahyadri will protect the Himalayas, like a shield.

A2. Complete the following statements : (2)
(i) The interest of Maharashtra and that of India should be one for the progress of Maharashtra state, because ................
(ii) Maharashtra depends on India, because ................

A3.Complete the table : (2)

The name of the mountain Stands for The reason
The Himalayas The Sahyadri    

A4. Vocabulary - (2)
Give antonyms of the following words by adding prefixes :
(i) gratitude
(ii) clear
(iii) believe
(iv) significance

A5. Personal response - (2)
Give your suggestions that will help the people to make Maharashtra prosperous.

A6. Grammar - (2)
Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) India and Maharashtra can progress only when there is oneness of interest.
    (Rewrite it using ‘unless’)
(ii) This state of Maharashtra will work for the betterment of the common people of Maharashtra.
(Rewrite it using modal auxiliary showing ‘obligation’)

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.07] Reading Skill (Textual and Non-textual)
[3] 2.B | Note making :

Read the following extract and complete the note given below :
The small village of Somnathpur contains an extraordinary temple, built around 1268 A.D by the Hoyasalas of Karnataka - one of the most prolific temple builders. Belur and Helebid are among their better-known works. While these suffered during the invasion of the 14th century, the Somnathpur temple stands more or less intact in near-original condition. The small temple captivates with the beauty and vitality of its detailed sculpture, covering almost every inch of the walls, pillars and even ceilings. It has three Shikhars and stands on a star-shaped raised platform with 24 edges. The outer walls have a profusion of detailed carvings: the entire surface run over by carved plaques of stone: There were vertical panels covered by exquisite figures of God and Goddesses, with many incarnations being depicted. There were nymphs too some carrying an ear of maize, a symbol of plenty and prosperity. The elaborate ornamentation, very characteristic of Hoyasala sculptures was a remarkable feature. On closer look and it is worth it-the series of friezes on the outer walls revealed intricately carved caparisored elephants, charging horsemen, stylized flowers and warriors.

                      Somnathpur Temple

(1) Location : ___________
(2) Year : 1268 A.D.
(3) Built by : ___________
(4) Captivates with : ___________
(5) Structural features :
    (i) Three Shikhars
    (ii) Star-shaped platform with 24 edges
   (iii) Outer wall carvings, ___________
    charging horsemen, __________ and warriors.
   (iv) Nymphs-symbol of ___________

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.07] Reading Skill (Textual and Non-textual)
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[15] 3 | (A) Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities :

     Have you are wondered why soldiers are always clad in green? This is to enable them to camouflage themselves during wartime. Hiding in the jungles, their green attire blends into the surrounding trees and shrubs, making it difficult for the enemies to spot them.

        Long before man-made use of camouflaging, insects have already adopted the tactic of disguise to escape from the clutches of their predators. By having body colour close to those of the rocks and dried leaves, they can escape from being pursued by the predators.

       Butterflies and moths have developed a variety of camouflage strategies since they are quite defenceless and their predators are abundant. Possessing wings which resemble dried leaves help certain butterflies and moths to hide among heaps of dried leaves when predators are around.

   Fortunately, not all insects choose the art of disguise to escape from their predators; otherwise, the world would be so dull and colourless. There are insects which assimilate the bright body colours of bees and wasps to escape from being pursued by their predator. Long ago, birds have already learnt to avoid brilliantly coloured wasps and bees in fear of their painful stings. Hence, over millions of years, many harmless insects have assimilated the bees and wasps by imitating. their bright body colours and shapes. In this way, they appear dangerous and hence ward them off.

      The beefy, not only appears like the bumblebee in terms of body colour, even its hums sound similar too. The only difference is that the beefy does not have a stirring and is hence harmless. The hoverfly is another insect which imitates. the body colours of the wasps. Their bodies are striped yellow and black. The only deviations are that hoverflies do not have stings, and they have only one pair of wings each while wasps have two pairs each. These variations are hardly noticed by the predators and hence help them to escape.

A1. Complete the table with the information from the passage : (2)

Insects Similarity Difference
Bumblebee - Beefy    
Wasp - Hoverfly    

A2. Complete the tree diagram : (2)


A3. Find out : (2)

‘Nature has given a self-protection mechanism to insects’.
Find out at least two examples from the passage to prove this statement. 

A4. Vocabulary - (2)

Find the words from the passage for :
(i) animal or bird that hunts other for food
(ii) to get free from danger
(iii) to prevent something from harming
(iv) to make a copy

A5. Personal response - (2)

‘Soldiers disguise themselves to prevent enemies to spot them’.
Give two more examples when the disguising technique is used by humans.

A6. Grammar - (2)

Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) They have only one pair of wings.
(Make it negative without changing the meaning)
(ii) Insects have already adopted the tactic of disguise to escape from the clutches of their predators.
(Replace infinitive with gerund and rewrite)

(B) Summary : (3)

Summarise the above extract with the help of the points given and suggest a suitable title.
Camouflage of soldiers and insects - reason and ways for disguising - assimilation of insects - need of imitation.

Concept: Writing Skills
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
SECTION - II (Poetry))
[8] 4

Read the following extract and then do all the activities that follow :

How do you know
Peace is a woman?
I know for
I met her yesterday
on my winding way
to the world’s fare,
She has such a wonderful face
just like a golden flower faded
before the prime.
I asked her why
She was so sad?
She told me her baby
was killed in Auschwitz,
her daughter in Hiroshima
and her sone in Vietnam,
Ireland, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon,
Bosnia, Rwanda, Kosovo and Chechnya ......

A1. Web -

Completely the following web by listing character mentioned in the extract :

A2. Poetic device -

Figure of speech :
‘Peace is a woman ?’
Name and explain the figure of speed in the above line.

A3. Personal response :

Suggest two solutions to avoid wars.

A4. Creativity : 

Compose two poetic lines titled “Say ‘no’ to wars”. 

Concept: Unseen Poem Comprehension
Chapter: [0.07] Reading Skill (Textual and Non-textual)
[8] 5 | SECTION – III (Rapid Reading and Composition)
[4] 5.A

(A) Read the extract and do the activities that follows :

  “Pluck the flowers off”, said the other boy and the daisy trembled for fear, for to be pulled off meant death
to it; and it wished so much to live, as it was to go with the square of turf into the poor captive lark’s cage.
“No, let it stay,” said the other boy, “it looks so pretty.” And so it stayed, and was brought into the lark’s cage. The poor bird was lamenting its lost liberty, and beating its wings against the wires; and the little daisy could not speak or utter a consoling word, much as it would liked to do so. So the forenoon passed. “I have no water,” said the captive lark, “they have all gone out and forgotten to give me anything to drink. My throat is dry and burning. I feel as if I had fire and ice within me and the air is so oppressive. Alas! I must die, and part with the warm sunshine, the fresh green meadows, and all the beauty that God has created.” And it thrust its beak into the piece of grass, to refresh itself a little. Then it noticed the little daisy, and nodded to it, and kissed it with its beak and said : “You must also fade in here, poor little flower. You and the piece of grass are all they have given me in exchange for the whole world, which I enjoyed outside. Each little blade of grass shall be a green tree for me, each of your white petals a fragrant flower. Alas! You only
remind me of what I have lost .

A1. True / False - 
State whether the following statements are true or false :
(i) The boys had kept water in the cage for the lark.
(ii) The daisy had a desire to console the poor lark.
(iii) The lark was reminded of its lost liberty.
(iv) The daisy did not want to go into the lark’s cage.

A2. Write an imaginary ending : 
Write an imaginary paragraph in about 50 words to give a different ending to the above extract.

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.07] Reading Skill (Textual and Non-textual)
[4] 5.B

(B) Read the extract and do the activities that follows :

“May I come in?” asked the pink lady.
“Please come in,” said my mother. “Do sit down. Do you require a room?”
“Not today, thank you. I’m staying with Padre Dutt. He insisted on putting me up. But I may want a room
for a day or two – just for old times’ sake.”
“You’ve stayed here before.”
“A long time ago. I’m Mrs. Green, you know. The missing Mrs. Green. The one for whom you put up that handsome tombstone in the cementery. I was very touched by it. And I’m glad you didn’t add ‘Beloved wife of Henry Green’, because I didn’t love him any more than he loved me.”
“Then – then – you aren’t the skeleton?” Stammered my mother.
“Do I look like a skaleton?”
“No!”, we said together.
“But we heard you disappeared,” I said, “and when we found that skeleton —”
“You put two and two together.”
“Well, it was Miss Kellner who convinced us,” said my mother. “And you did disappear mysteriously. You
were missing for years. And everyone knew Mr. Green was a philander.”
“Couldn’t wait to get away from him,” said the pink lady. “Couldn’t stand him any more. He was a ladykiller
but not a real killer.”
“But your father came looking for you. Didn’t you get in touch with him?”
“ My father and I were never very close. Mother died when I was very young, and the only relative I had
was a cousin in West Africa. So that’s where I went – Sierra Leone!”

B1. Complete - 
Complete the following sentenses :
(i) Mrs. Green couldn’t stand Mr. Green, because ________.
(ii) The relationship between Mrs. Green and her father ________.
(iii) Mrs. Green cousin lived in ________.
(iv) Miss. Kellner convinced the narrator’s mother that the skeleton was of Mrs. Green, because ______.

B2. Convert dialogue into a story :
Convert the above dialogue into a story form in about 50 words.

Concept: Unseen Passage Comprehension
Chapter: [0.07] Reading Skill (Textual and Non-textual)
[12] 6 | SECTION – IV (Written Communication)
[4] 6.A | Attempt any one of the following
[4] 6.A.1

Write a letter to The Chief Officer, Road Transport Authorities, drawing his attention to the problem of frequent traffic jams in your locality suggesting some solutions for the problem. 

Concept: Letter Writing
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
[4] 6.A.2

Your college is 20 km away from your village. You go to the college by S.T. bus, but the bus timings are not convenient for you and other students. Write a letter of complaint to the  Depot Manager of your town/city. Suggest some solutions for the problem.

Concept: Letter Writing
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
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[4] 6.B | Attempt any one of the following
[4] 6.B.1

Leaflet -
Prepare a short Tourist Leaflet on any hill station you like, with the help of the following points :
• How to go there
• Where to stay
• Places worth visiting
• Shopping attractions
• Add your own points 

Concept: Tourist Leaflet
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
[4] 6.B.2

Report writing -
Your college celebrated the ‘World Environment Day’. You are the Class Representative. Write a report on the  elebration of the ‘World Enviornment Day’ with the help of the help of the following points:
(i) Inauguration of the function
(ii) Address by the Chief Guest
(iii) Various activities carried out
(iv) Exhibition arranged
(v) Vote of thanks

Concept: Report Writing
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
[4] 6.C | Attempt any one of the following
[4] 6.C.1

Counter-view -
Read the following View Section and Develop a Counter-View Section in about 120 words :

View Section
  • Law should enforce children to look after their old parents.
  • Law must step in where values deteriorate.
  • Grey population has doubled in the las 25 years.
  • Protection for the eld View Section erly persons is a serious concern for the welfare state
  • The experience of the old people can be fruitful to the younger generation.
Concept: View and Counterview
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
[4] 6.C.2

Information Transfer - 

Look at the following web chart and write a short paragraph based on it in about 120 words. Suggest a suitable title :

Concept: Information Transfer
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
[7] 7
[4] 7.A

Interview Questions : 
Imagine that you are going to interview a Sarpanch of a village, who has been selected for ‘Adarsh Gaon Award.’ Frame a set of 8 to 10 questions to interview him/her.

Concept: Interview Questions
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills
[3] 7.B

Speech Drafting : 

Your college has organized an elocution competition. One of the topics therein is ‘Importance of Health’. Prepare a speech on it in about 100 words with the help of the  following points :  

• Importance of exercise
• Importance of yoga
• Importance of diet

Concept: Speech Writing
Chapter: [0.06] Additional Writing Skills

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