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English Set B 2018-2019 HSC Science (Computer Science) 12th Board Exam Question Paper Solution

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English [Set B]
Marks: 80 Academic Year: 2018-2019
Date & Time: 20th February 2019, 1:00 pm
Duration: 3h
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[15] 1
[12] 1.A | Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities:

A1. Choose two sentences that appropriately mention the theme of the passage :

(1) The extract deals with the writer’s concern over Chaitanya's handicap.
(2) The extract depicts the writer’s proud feelings towards her son’s achievement.
(3) The extract deals with how Chaitanya made the writer see positively towards life.
(4) The extract deals with how the writer helps Chaitanya to buy the bus ticket.

          Early in 1997-98, when he returned from state-level inter-school sports, he had two prizes to his credit and a silver medal. He had won his laurels in athletic events and the silver medal in a running race.
         When I saw the prizes and read the citation Chaitanya had received, I was stupefied, in total disbelief, then–hugged him, kissed him and cried unabashedly to my heart’s content. That day, I cried for the first time out of joy and a sense of being vindicated. Without practice, he had competed with approximately 1,800 children drawn from various schools all over the state. He was subsequently selected for the marathon race, but he could not participate due to a health problem. “Maybe next year, he would”, I assured myself. And I, as his proud mother, would proudly chronicle his future achievements and success to inspire other - mothers of the world.
                 Looking back at my own life, I feel that it is the spirit with which we can accept our life gracefully is what
matters ultimately; and it is love that nourishes us. All other things are unimportant. Chaitanya has made me look inwards. His handicap doesn’t disturb me any longer. He and I shall live with it and still be happy. The mental strength which he has given to me is inexhaustible.
         One day, as both of us got onto a public transport bus, Chaitanya offered to buy the tickets for us.
           “One full, one half ”, he said to the conductor beaming with joy.
               Looking at him, I wondered whether he was really only a half? An incomplete person? Was I really full?
Complete in all respects? Why do then normal people feel that they are ‘full’ and others like Chaitanya are ‘half’ or incomplete? Chaitanya’s world is complete in itself, pure and innocent while our lives are full of deceit, jealousies, ill-feelings. 

A2. Point out - 

Point out two instances where you find Chaitanya's victory over his disability. 

A3. Give reasons - 

Chaitanya’s silver medal in a running race was very special for the writer, because :
(i) __________________
(ii) __________________ 

A4. Vocabulary - 

Match the pairs of the words in column ‘A’ with their meanings in column ‘B’: 

  Column ‘A’   Column ‘B’
(1) stupefied (a) official statement about the special act of courage
(2) chronicle (b) record events in the order they happened
(3) vindicated (c) surprised or shocked
(4) citation (d) justified

A5. Personal response -

Explain, your views about the ill-treatment the special children receive in society. 

A6. Grammar - 

Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) He had won his laurels in athletic events and the silver medal in a running race.
(Rewrite the sentence using ‘not only...but also’.)
(ii) When I saw the prizes, I was stupefied.
(Rewrite the sentence using ‘No sooner.... than’.)

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
[3] 1.B | Grammar -
[1] 1.B.1

Do as directed :

 When earthquake strikes, world trembles.
(Insert appropriate articles wherever necessary and rewrite it.)


Concept: Grammar
Chapter: [0.06] Grammar
[1] 1.B.2

Do as directed : 

I spent my holiday _______ some friends ________ a wooden house.
(Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.)


Concept: Grammar
Chapter: [0.06] Grammar
[1] 1.B.3

Do as directed :

Radha said to the teacher, “I feel very happy to help my mother at home.”
(Change it into indirect speech.)

Concept: Grammar
Chapter: [0.06] Grammar
[15] 2
[12] 2.A

        On this historic moment, I stand here to thank Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. India’s present epoch maker has come over here to bless the state of Maharashtra which is definitely going to last forever. On behalf of thousands of common people, I express my deep sense of gratitude to him for blessing us. We Maharashtrians love him, worship him. And once again, I wish to declare that this state of Maharashtra, recently formed, will work for the betterment of the common people of Maharashtra, but if it comes to sacrifice, whatever best and grand we have, it will be done primarily for India. This is so, because, we believe from the beginning, that Maharashtra depends on India; its greatness depends on the greatness of India. All Maharashtrians believe that both India and Maharashtra can progress only when there is oneness of interest. And, therefore, I have made this clear by bringing to your notice the significance of certain symbols, for example, the Himalayas stand for lndia and the Sahyadri, for Maharashtra. The snowy Himalayas with the highest mountain ranges symbolise India and the Sahyadri with the blackest rock structure and with 200-300 inches rainfall symbolise Maharashtra. I promise you that if the Himalayas are in jeopardy, the Sahyadri of Maharashtra will use its black rock structure like a shield to protect the Himalayas.
    ‘Hard labour’ is the watch word of our times. And, Panditji, you have given us the message of building Maharashtra and our nation by hard labour. We are going to inscribe this valuable message on our minds and try our best to look at your blessings and your guidance, as the blessings and guidance of an epoch maker.

A1 . Read the following statements. Find out the correct statements and write them down : (2)

(i) Both India and Maharashtra can progress if they have different interests.
(ii) Hard work is the only way to build the future of India and Maharashtra.
(iii) The sacrifice of the best and grand in Maharashtra will be made for the state of Maharashtra.
(iv) In times of great calamity the Sahyadri will protect the Himalayas, like a shield.

A2. Complete the following statements : (2)
(i) The interest of Maharashtra and that of India should be one for the progress of Maharashtra state, because ................
(ii) Maharashtra depends on India, because ................

A3.Complete the table : (2)

The name of the mountain Stands for The reason
The Himalayas The Sahyadri    

A4. Vocabulary - (2)
Give antonyms of the following words by adding prefixes :
(i) gratitude
(ii) clear
(iii) believe
(iv) significance

A5. Personal response - (2)
Give your suggestions that will help the people to make Maharashtra prosperous.

A6. Grammar - (2)
Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) India and Maharashtra can progress only when there is oneness of interest.
    (Rewrite it using ‘unless’)
(ii) This state of Maharashtra will work for the betterment of the common people of Maharashtra.
(Rewrite it using modal auxiliary showing ‘obligation’)

Concept: Reading Skill
Chapter: [0.03] Reading Skill
[3] 2.B | Note making

Read the following extract and complete the note given below :
The small village of Somnathpur contains an extraordinary temple, built around 1268 A.D by the Hoyasalas of Karnataka - one of the most prolific temple builders. Belur and Helebid are among their better-known works. While these suffered during the invasion of the 14th century, the Somnathpur temple stands more or less intact in near-original condition. The small temple captivates with the beauty and vitality of its detailed sculpture, covering almost every inch of the walls, pillars and even ceilings. It has three Shikhars and stands on a star-shaped raised platform with 24 edges. The outer walls have a profusion of detailed carvings: the entire surface run over by carved plaques of stone: There were vertical panels covered by exquisite figures of God and Goddesses, with many incarnations being depicted. There were nymphs too some carrying an ear of maize, a symbol of plenty and prosperity. The elaborate ornamentation, very characteristic of Hoyasala sculptures was a remarkable feature. On closer look and it is worth it-the series of friezes on the outer walls revealed intricately carved caparisored elephants, charging horsemen, stylized flowers and warriors.

                      Somnathpur Temple

(1) Location : ___________
(2) Year : 1268 A.D.
(3) Built by : ___________
(4) Captivates with : ___________
(5) Structural features :
    (i) Three Shikhars
    (ii) Star-shaped platform with 24 edges
   (iii) Outer wall carvings, ___________
    charging horsemen, __________ and warriors.
   (iv) Nymphs-symbol of ___________

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
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[15] 3 | Read the first activity, read the extract and then do all the activities :

     Have you are wondered why soldiers are always clad in green? This is to enable them to camouflage themselves during wartime. Hiding in the jungles, their green attire blends into the surrounding trees and shrubs, making it difficult for the enemies to spot them.

        Long before man-made use of camouflaging, insects have already adopted the tactic of disguise to escape from the clutches of their predators. By having body colour close to those of the rocks and dried leaves, they can escape from being pursued by the predators.

       Butterflies and moths have developed a variety of camouflage strategies since they are quite defenceless and their predators are abundant. Possessing wings which resemble dried leaves help certain butterflies and moths to hide among heaps of dried leaves when predators are around.

   Fortunately, not all insects choose the art of disguise to escape from their predators; otherwise, the world would be so dull and colourless. There are insects which assimilate the bright body colours of bees and wasps to escape from being pursued by their predator. Long ago, birds have already learnt to avoid brilliantly coloured wasps and bees in fear of their painful stings. Hence, over millions of years, many harmless insects have assimilated the bees and wasps by imitating. their bright body colours and shapes. In this way, they appear dangerous and hence ward them off.

      The beefy, not only appears like the bumblebee in terms of body colour, even its hums sound similar too. The only difference is that the beefy does not have a stirring and is hence harmless. The hoverfly is another insect which imitates. the body colours of the wasps. Their bodies are striped yellow and black. The only deviations are that hoverflies do not have stings, and they have only one pair of wings each while wasps have two pairs each. These variations are hardly noticed by the predators and hence help them to escape.

A1. Complete the table with the information from the passage : (2)

Insects Similarity Difference
Bumblebee - Beefy    
Wasp - Hoverfly    

A2. Complete the tree diagram : (2)


A3. Find out : (2)

‘Nature has given a self-protection mechanism to insects’.
Find out at least two examples from the passage to prove this statement. 

A4. Vocabulary - (2)

Find the words from the passage for :
(i) animal or bird that hunts other for food
(ii) to get free from danger
(iii) to prevent something from harming
(iv) to make a copy

A5. Personal response - (2)

‘Soldiers disguise themselves to prevent enemies to spot them’.
Give two more examples when the disguising technique is used by humans.

A6. Grammar - (2)

Rewrite the following sentences in the ways instructed :
(i) They have only one pair of wings.
(Make it negative without changing the meaning)
(ii) Insects have already adopted the tactic of disguise to escape from the clutches of their predators.
(Replace infinitive with gerund and rewrite)

(B) Summary : (3)

Summarise the above extract with the help of the points given and suggest a suitable title.
Camouflage of soldiers and insects - reason and ways for disguising - assimilation of insects - need of imitation.

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
SECTION - II (Poetry)
[8] 4

Read the given extract and then do all activities that follow: 

If you do not get lowered in your own eyes
While you raise yourself in those of others
If you do not give into gossips and lies
Rather heed them not,- saying, ‘Who bothers?’
You may be the person I am looking for.
If you crave not for praise when you win
And look not for sympathy while you lose
If cheers let not your head toss or spin
And after a set-back you offer no excuse.
You may be the person I am looking for.
If you accept counsel without getting sore
And reassess yourself in the light thereof
If you pledge not to be obstinate any more
And meet others without any frown or scoff.
You may be the person I am looking for.

A1. Enlist (2)

Enlist any four things that inspire you to live inspire of failures:
(i) ____________________
(ii) ___________________
(iii) ___________________
(iv) ___________________ 

A2. Poetic Device? (2)

Figure of speech :
Pick out an example of Refrain from the extract and write down its criteria to identify it. 

A3. Personal Response (2)

Express your views in about 50 words, the need to look for an ideal person. 

A4. Poetic creativity? (2)

If you do not get lowered in your own eyes.
While you raise yourself in those of others.
If you do not give in to gossips and lies
You may be the person I am looking for.
Compose a line of your own to rhyme with the second line in the given stanza. 

Concept: Reading Skill
Chapter: [0.03] Reading Skill
SECTION – III (Rapid Reading and Composition)
[8] 5
[4] 5.A

Read the extract and do the activities that follow : 

‘Your father was my enemy,’ said Frederick. ‘I would have been better pleased by your brave deed if you had told me of another father?’
‘I am proud to be Sir Rowland's son,’ answered Orlando angrily,’ and I would not change my place to be the heir of this dukedom.’
The Duke and his lords went away, leaving Orlando alone with Rosalind and Celia. Celia was angry with her father for speaking so unkindly to Orlando. ‘Would I have done this in my father’s place?’ she said to Rosalind.
‘My father loved Sir Rowland as much as his own soul,’ Rosalind said to Celia, ‘and all the world agreed with him. If I had known that his young man was Sir Rowland’s son I should have begged him with tears not to take so great a risk.’
‘Let us go and speak to Orlando,’ said gentle Celia. ‘I am ashamed of my father’s rude and angry words.’
The two girls went up to Orilando and praised him for his bravery. Rosalind took a gold chain from her neck and gave it to him. ‘I would like to give you more’, she said, ‘but I am not rich.’ Then she and Celia went away.
Orlando, however, could not forget them. He had already fallen in love with the fair Rosalind, but he could not stay at the Duke’s palace. His friends warned him that Frederick was angry and jealous of him. They told Orlando to leave the dukedom, because the Duke meant to do him harm.

A1. Match - 

Match the characters and their attributes: 

  A   B
i. Celia a. fair
ii. Orlando b. rude and unkind
iii. Frederick c. gentle
iv. Rosalind d. brave

A2. Write an imaginary paragraph: 

Write an imaginary paragraph in about 50 words in continuation with the given extract. 

Concept: Reading Skill
Chapter: [0.03] Reading Skill
[4] 5.B

Read the extract and do the activities that follow: (4)

Tom : (down L.). I believe the place is haunted
George : Nonsense. No one believes in haunted houses nowadays. There's someting gueer about the place, I'II admit, but can't be haunted. (Scream off R.)
Ginger : Listen! What was that ?
(Scream repeated. This time much louder.)
Alfie : I want to go home !
Tom : It sounds as though someone's being murdered. (Grappling with the door). I'm going to force this door.
Ginger : (Crossing L.) It's going to be a tough job, Tom
Alfie : (more lustily). I want to go home
George : (up C.) Shut up Alfie, you'II rose the house. Listen! There's someone coming _____ and
it's someone in white
Ginger : It's a ghost
Alfie : (rushing to the door L.) I'm going home!
George : (coming down L.) Let me give you a hand with this door.
Tom : Buck up!
Ginger : Put your shoulder against it. (Enter the Ghost R. In the dim light his figure has a distinctly uncanny appearance).
Ghost : What on earth's the meaning of this commotion? (IIe switches on the light and is seen to be a dentist, wearing a white surgical coat. The “grinning mouths'' are seen to be models made of plaster of Paris. The boys stare about them in amazement)
Dentist : (sternly). Who are you, and what are you doing in my house?
Tom : I say – I'm awfully sorry – but we thought you were a ghost.
Dentist : (bewildered). A ghost! Why on earth should you think I was a ghost?
George : (crossing C.) I'm awfully sorry, sir. You see, we were out carol-singing, and____
Dentist : Oh, so it was you who who were making that horrible din outside?
George : Yes – that was Ginger's idea ____

B1. Complete _____
Complete the following sentences:
(i) The boys considered the dentist as a ghost , because ________
(ii) Listening to the repeated scream, Tom thought that ________
(iii) The grinning mouths were models made of ________
(iv) The idea of carol-singing was given by _______

B2. Convert dialogue into a story:
Convert the above dialoguc into a story in about 50 words.

Concept: Reading Skill
Chapter: [0.03] Reading Skill
SECTION – IV (Written Communication)
[12] 6
[12] 6.A | Attempt any one of the following
[4] 6.A.1

Write a letter to The Chief Officer, Road Transport Authorities, drawing his attention to the problem of frequent traffic jams in your locality suggesting some solutions for the problem. 

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
[4] 6.A.2

Your college is 20 km away from your village. You go to the college by S.T. bus, but the bus timings are not convenient for you and other students. Write a letter of complaint to the  Depot Manager of your town/city. Suggest some solutions for the problem.

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
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[4] 6.B | Attempt any one of the following
[4] 6.B.1

Leaflet -
Prepare a short Tourist Leaflet on any hill station you like, with the help of the following points :
• How to go there
• Where to stay
• Places worth visiting
• Shopping attractions
• Add your own points 

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
[4] 6.B.2

Report writing -
Your college celebrated the ‘World Environment Day’. You are the Class Representative. Write a report on the  elebration of the ‘World Enviornment Day’ with the help of the help of the following points:
(i) Inauguration of the function
(ii) Address by the Chief Guest
(iii) Various activities carried out
(iv) Exhibition arranged
(v) Vote of thanks

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
[4] 6.C | Attempt any one of the following
[4] 6.C.1

Counter-view -
Read the following View Section and Develop a Counter-View Section in about 120 words :

View Section
  • Law should enforce children to look after their old parents.
  • Law must step in where values deteriorate.
  • Grey population has doubled in the las 25 years.
  • Protection for the eld View Section erly persons is a serious concern for the welfare state
  • The experience of the old people can be fruitful to the younger generation.
Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
[4] 6.C.2

Information Transfer - 

Look at the following web chart and write a short paragraph based on it in about 120 words. Suggest a suitable title :

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
[7] 7
[4] 7.A

Interview Questions : 
Imagine that you are going to interview a Sarpanch of a village, who has been selected for ‘Adarsh Gaon Award.’ Frame a set of 8 to 10 questions to interview him/her.

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
[3] 7.B

Speech Drafting : 

Your college has organized an elocution competition. One of the topics therein is ‘Importance of Health’. Prepare a speech on it in about 100 words with the help of the  following points :  

• Importance of exercise
• Importance of yoga
• Importance of diet

Concept: Writing Skill
Chapter: [0.04] Writing Skill
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