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Biology set 1 2018-2019 HSC Science (General) 12th Board Exam Question Paper Solution

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Biology [set 1]
Marks: 70 Academic Year: 2018-2019
Date & Time: 6th March 2019, 11:00 am
Duration: 3h
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[1] 1

As the base sequence present on one strand of.DNA decides the base sequence of other strand, this strand is considered as __________

Descending strand

Leading strand

Lagging strand

Complimentary strand

Concept: Structure of DNA and RNA
[1] 2

________ shows haplo-diploid type of sex-determination.


Honey bee



Concept: Sex Determination
Chapter: [0.03] Inheritance and Variation
[1] 3

Membrane bound receptors and hormones produce second messengers like _________.





Concept: Hormones
Chapter: [0.09] Control and Co-ordination
[1] 4

During double fertilization second male gamete fuses with ___________.

antipodal cell

egg cell

secondary nucleus


Concept: Double Fertilization in Plants
Chapter: [0.01] Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
[1] 5

What is Sinus arrhythmias?

Concept: Human Heart
Chapter: [0.08] Respiration and Circulation
[1] 6

By which process ammonia is converted into urea in liver?

Concept: Modes of Excretion: Ammonotelism, Ureotelism, and Uricotelism
Chapter: [10.02] Excretion and Osmoregulation
[1] 7

Give the role of Plasmids in bacterial cell.

Concept: Transposons
[1] 8

A person is showing symptoms like increased BMR, heart rate, pulse rate, blood pressure and deposition of fats in eye sockets. Name the disease he is suffering from.

Concept: Neuron (Or Nerve Cell) and Its Types - Transmission of Nerve Impulse
Chapter: [0.09] Control and Co-ordination
[2] 9

Define apiculture. Name the products obtained from it.

Concept: Animal Husbandry (Livestock)
Chapter: [0.11] Enhancement of Food Production
[2] 10

Define biofertilizers. Give two types of fungal biofertilizers

Concept: Microbes as Biofertilizers
Chapter: [0.11] Enhancement of Food Production
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[2] 11

Give the types of blood proteins and human hormone’s produced by recombinant DNA-technique

Concept: The Genetic Material is a DNA
Chapter: [0.04] Molecular Basis of Inheritance
[2] 12

Write any two scientific and commercial values of transgenic animals in favour of human being.

Concept: Commercial Applications of Biotechnology
Chapter: [0.12] Biotechnology
[2] 13

Define ‘Respiratory Quotient’ (RQ) and calculate the Respiratory Quotient for Carbohydrate.

Concept: Respiratory Quotient (R.Q.)
[2] 14

Light and dark reactions are interdependant Explain.

Concept: Light-independent Reactions
[2] 15

Classify the chromosomes on the basis of position of centromere.

Concept: Chromosomal Theory of Inheritance
Chapter: [0.03] Inheritance and Variation
[2] 16

Sketch and label structure of male gametophyte in angiosperm. What is Siphonogamy?

Concept: Development of Male Gametophytes
[2] 17
Group 'A' Group 'B'
(a) Diethylc Carbamacine (1)  AIDS
(b) Widal test (2)  Pneumonia 
(c) Albendazole (3) Filariasis 
(d) HAART (4)  Typhoid 
  (5) Ascariasis 
Concept: Disease
Chapter: [0.1] Human Health and Diseases
[2] 18

Complete the following chart and rewrite.

Sr.No. Agencies type of pollination
1 Water ....................
2 ........................... Entomophily
3 Bat ....................
4 ....................... Ornithophily



Explain outbreeding devices in angiospermic plants.

Concept: Pre-fertilization in Plant: Pollination
Chapter: [0.01] Reproduction in Lower and Higher Plants
[3] 19

What is Biofortification? Explain selective breeding with suitable example.

Concept: Plant Breeding
Chapter: [0.11] Enhancement of Food Production
[3] 20

In the light of Griffith’s experiment, explain the action of two stains of Diplococcus pneumoniae and give his conclusion.

Concept: Search for Genetic Material - Introduction of Search for Genetic Material
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[3] 21

Give scientific reasons:
(A) The pyramid of enegy is always upright.
(B) In an ecosystem the energy flow is always unidirectional.
(C) Ozone present in the stratosphere is called as “good ozone”.

Concept: Ecosystems Patterns
[3] 22

Define ‘reproductive isolation’ and explain two types of reproductive isolation.

Concept: Human Evolution
Chapter: [0.05] Origin and Evolution of Life
[3] 23

Name the connecting link between glycolysis and TCA cycle and explain it.

Concept: Respiratory Quotient (R.Q.)
[3] 24

Explain internal structure of kidney with the help of suitable diagram.

Concept: Regulation of Kidney Function
Chapter: [10.02] Excretion and Osmoregulation
[3] 25

Explain the mechanism of reflex action with the help of a suitable diagram.

Concept: Reflex and Reflex Action
Chapter: [0.09] Control and Co-ordination
[3] 26

Define pollution. “Industries are pouring poison in water” - Explain

Concept: Water Pollution and Its Causes
Chapter: [0.15] Biodiversity, Conservation and Environmental Issues
[3] 27

With the help of a suitable diagram, describe Ultra structure of the cell organalle, which is essential for photosynthesis.


During photosynthesis “O2 is evolved from water molecule and not from CO2”. Give the experimental proof given by Robert Hill.

Concept: Site of Photosynthesis
[5] 28

Explain with the help of a suitable diagram conducting system of human heart.


Give reasons :
(1) Lymphatic vessels are milky in appearance.
(2) Monocytes are called scavengers.
(3) The wall of left ventricle is thicker than right ventricle.
(4) Valves are present in the veins.
(5) Pulmonary veins carry oxygenated blood.

Concept: Human Heart
Chapter: [0.08] Respiration and Circulation
[5] 29

Which phoenomenon gives 2 : 1 ratio instead of 3 : 1 ratio? Describe with graphical representation.


A pea plant homozygous for yellow round seed is crossed with its recessive parents. Calculate the phenotypic and genotypic ratio with the help of checker board.

Concept: Deviations from Mendelism - Incomplete Dominance, Co-dominance, Multiple Alleles and Inheritance of Blood Groups, Pleiotropy
[5] 30

After puberty human female shows cyclic changes in her reproductive system. Explain structural and hormonal changes in the uterus.


Give reasons :
(1) Scrotal sac serves as thermoregulator.
(2) Corpus luteum gets converted into corpus albicans in absence of fertilization.
(3) Missing of menses is the first indication of pregnancy.
(4) Surgical sterilization is a permanent method of birth control. (5) Human egg is microlecithal.

Concept: Human Reproductive System - Female Reproductive System
Chapter: [0.02] Reproduction in Lower and Higher Animals
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