Business Studies Set 1 2021-2022 ISC (Arts) Class 12 Question Paper Solution

Business Studies [Set 1]
Marks: 40 Academic Year: 2021-2022
Date: April 2022
Duration: 1h30m

Note :

  1. Candidates are allowed an additional 10 minutes for only reading the paper.
  2. They must NOT start writing during this time.
  3. Answer all questions in Section A, Section B and Section C.
  4. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets. [ ]

[8] 1
[1] 1.i

______ method of communication involves the use of graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Concept: Types of Communication
Chapter: [0.021] Business Communication
[1] 1.ii

______ is also known as mercantile credit.

Concept: Sources of Business Finance - Trade Credit
Chapter: [0.032] Sources of Business Finance
[1] 1.iii

Ploughing back of profit is an ______ source of financing.

Concept: Sources of Business Finance
Chapter: [0.032] Sources of Business Finance
[1] 1.iv

As per the Companies Act, what is the minimum and maximum number of members in a Public Limited Company?

Concept: Private and Public Limited Company
Chapter: [0.031] Various Business Entities
[1] 1.v

Which of the following types of barriers arises due to problems in language?

Physical barrier

Semantic barrier

Status barrier

Socio-psychological barrier

Concept: Barriers to Communication
Chapter: [0.021] Business Communication

State any one feature of Globalisation.

Concept: Globalisation
Chapter: [0.040999999999999995] Globalisation
[1] 1.vii

What is meant by Intermediary?

Concept: Concept of Regulators and Intermediaries
Chapter: [0.051] Regulators and Intermediaries
[2] 1.viii
[1] 1.viii.a

Expand the following:


Concept: Peer to Peer Funding
Chapter: [0.032] Sources of Business Finance
[1] 1.viii.b

Expand the following:


Concept: Business to Business (B2B)
Chapter: [0.045] Online Means of Conducting Business
[2] 2

Define communication.

Concept: Concept of Communication
Chapter: [0.021] Business Communication
[2] 3

Briefly explain grapevine vis a vis communication.

Concept: Types of Communication
Chapter: [0.021] Business Communication
[2] 4

List any two situations where a complaint letter may be written by the buyer.

Concept: Complaint Letter
Chapter: [0.022000000000000002] Business Correspondence
[2] 5

Define sole proprietorship.

Concept: Concept of Sole Proprietorship Or Sole Trader
Chapter: [0.031] Various Business Entities
[2] 6

State any two advantages of video conferencing.

Concept: Video Conference
Chapter: [0.023] Current Trends in Business Communication
[2] 7
[2] 7.i

Briefly explain crowd funding.

Concept: Crowd Funding
Chapter: [0.032] Sources of Business Finance
[2] 7.ii

Briefly explain LPO.

Concept: Business Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)
Chapter: [0.044000000000000004] Types of Outsourcing
[4] 8

“In spite of oral communication having no legal validity, it is the most common method of communication.”

Give four reasons to justify the above statement.

Concept: Method of Communication
Chapter: [0.021] Business Communication
[4] 9

Discuss any two problems that may arise due to Globalisation.

Concept: Opportunities and Threats of Globalization
Chapter: [0.040999999999999995] Globalisation
[4] 10

Ram, a reputed, freelance journalist has been hired by a well-known newspaper Sampurna to write a weekly column.

Justify how this arrangement benefits both, Ram and Sampurna. Give two reasons for each.

Concept: Barriers to Communication
Chapter: [0.021] Business Communication
[4] 11

Explain any four roles that RBI plays as a regulator.

Concept: Reserve Bank of India
Chapter: [0.052000000000000005] Role of Regulators and Intermediaries
[4] 12
[4] 12.i

Glory, a well-established company is listed on the stock exchange. Ramesh and Suresh want to invest in the company. While Ramesh decides to buy equity shares, Suresh wants to buy preference shares in the company.

Justify the decisions made by Ramesh and Suresh.

Concept: Equity and Preference Shares
Chapter: [0.032] Sources of Business Finance
[4] 12.ii

Mulberry Bags Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of designer handbags and there is a continuous demand for their products. Bags and More, a retail firm is interested in buying Mulberry Bags Ltd. products. They send an enquiry letter to Mulberry Bags Ltd. for the same.

In due course, Bags and More receive its consignment from Mulberry Bags Ltd. They realise that the order was for 100 black tote bags and 200 blue hobo bags. However, they have received 100 blue tote bags and 150 black hobo bags.

Name and explain in brief the two letters that were exchanged between the two companies after the enquiry letter was sent and before the consignment was received.

Concept: Letter of Enquiry
Chapter: [0.022000000000000002] Business Correspondence

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