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History and Civics 2008-2009 ICSE Class 10 question paper with PDF download

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1.01 Lok Sabha
1.02 Rajya Sabha
2.01 The President
2.02 The Vice-president
2.03 Prime Minister and Council of Ministers
3.01 The Supreme Court
3.02 The High Courts
3.03 Subordinate Courts
4.01 The First War of Independence, 1857
4.02 Factors Promoting Growth of Nationalism, Foundation of the Indian National Congress
4.03 First Phase of the Indian National Movement (1885-1907), Second Phase of the Indian National Movement (1905-1916)
5.01 Mahatma Gandhi:- Non-cooperation Movement
5.02 Forward Bloc (Objectives) and Ina (Objectives and Achievements).
5.03 Independence and Partition of India
6.01 The First World War
6.02 Rise of Dictatorships
6.03 The Second World War
6.04 United Nations
6.05 Non Aligned Movement
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Previous Year Question Paper for CISCE Class 10 History and Civics - free PDF Download

      Find CISCE Class 10 History and Civics previous year question papers PDF. CISCE Class 10 History and Civics question paper are provided here in PDF format which students may download to boost their preparations for the Board Exam. Previous year question papers are designed by the experts based on the latest revised CISCE Class 10 syllabus. Practicing question paper gives you the confidence to face the board exam with minimum fear and stress since you get proper idea about question paper pattern and marks weightage. CISCE previous year question paper Class 10 pdf can be dowloaded but Shaalaa allows you to see it online so downloading is not necessary. When exams date come closer the anxiety will increase and students are confused where to start. Practicing Previous Year Question Papers is the best way to prepare for your board exams and achieve good score.
     Question Paper for CISCE Class 10 History and Civics are very useful for students so that they can better understand the concepts by practicing them regularly. Students should practice the questions provided in the Previous Year Question Paper to get better marks in the examination. Question papers for CISCE Class 10 History and Civics question paper gives an idea about the questions coming in the board exams and previous years papers give the sample questions asked by CBSE in the exams. By solving the Question Papers, you can scale your preparation level and work on your weak areas. It will also help the candidates in developing the time-management skills.

How CISCE Class 10 Previous Year Question Papers Help Students ?

• Students get an idea of question paper pattern and marking scheme of the exam so they can manage their exam time to attempt all questions to score more.
• CISCE Class 10 previous year papers will help students by how one question is ask in different way, importance of question by how many time this question asked in previous year exam.
• Question papers will helps students to prepare for exam.
To get all Question paper
• Solving previous year question paper will boost students confidence in exam time and also give you an idea About the important questions and topics to be prepared for the board exam.
• We also provide important question asked in previous year question paper by arranging the chapter and how many time this question appeared in exam previously.
To get important question bank
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