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Your Uncle Has Promised to Give You a Gift of Rs. 1000/-. Write a Letter Thanking Him for the Offer, Tell Him How You Plan to Spend the Money; and Why You Wish to Spend It in this Way. - English (Literature in English)

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Answer in Brief

Your uncle has promised to give you a gift of Rs. 1000/-. Write a letter thanking him for the offer, tell him how you plan to spend the money; and why you wish to spend it in this way.

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5, Nehru Nagar
15th March 2014
Respected Uncle,

I wish to thank you for the gift of Rs. 1,000 that you have promised to give me if I score above 80% in my final exams. This incentive is pushing me to study very hard and give my hundred percent.
My situation has become like counting the chicks before they are hatched as I have already thought about what I am going to do with the money. I will buy two novels by J.K. Rowling. After the exams, in the vacations, I will read them. This will improve my reading speed, vocabulary and English as well.
With the remaining money, I will get my printer repaired which is out of order at the moment. I need to get it repaired to do the project work in the next class. Thus, I will use the money you gift me appropriately. Please wish me luck so that I can do well in my exams and you may keep your promise.
Your lovingly,

Concept: Writing
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