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Your School Has Decided to Introduce Mass Media Studies as Subject Under Vocational Stream. this is Going to Help Students Who Want to Pursue a Career in Films, Its Production and Attached Fields. - English Core

Answer in Brief

Your school has decided to introduce Mass Media Studies as a subject under the vocational stream. This is going to help students who want to pursue a career in films, its production and other attached fields. Write a notice for your school notice board informing all students who are studying in class X regarding the course.
Writing a notice.

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                                      Nehru Public School, New Delhi
                                    YOU CAN BE A FILM CELEBRITY
14, October, 20 - -
Our school has introduced Mass Media Studies from this session as a subject under the vocational stream. In pursuing this students can be film and TV celebrities. The school is organizing a Career Counselling session for IX and X class students on Saturday, 22nd October, 20--at 11 am in the school auditorium. Students are requested to attend it in time.
Rahull Reena
Head Boy/Head Girl

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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