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Your Friend Eats Too Much Junk Food, How Would You Be Able to Bring About a Change in Her/His Attitude Towards Food? - Psychology

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Answer in Brief
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Your friend eats too much junk food, how would you be able to bring about a change in her/his attitude towards food?

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Since my friend eats junk food, it will have some reinforcing value to him/her. In order to bring about a change in his/her attitude towards food, following techniques could be used:
First of all what needs to be targeted is ‘the way he/she thinks about junk food, i.e., the cognitive aspect of his/her positive attitude towards junk food. The modification in his/ her attitude can be achieved through using rational as well as emotional appeal and, if required, help of a dietician whose credibility in this area is very high will be of great use. Attitude changes may be brought about by:-

  1. Encouraging him/her to read about what is required for a healthy development, e.g., minerals etc. which are not found in junk food.
  2. Showing him/her the negative consequences of eating junk food like obesity, other health-related problems by exposing him/her to real life examples.
  3. Request people around him/her like family-members, elders and teachers whom he/ she likes. If they provide a role model, i.e., not to consume junk food then he/she will imitate their behaviour.
  4. Giving his/her choice and space to decide what is right for him/her considering both the aspects of the food and asking him/her to focus and think about the future problems associated with his/her liking.

All these things can bring about cognitive dissonance which might ultimately bring about the attitude change.

Concept: Introduction to Attitude and Social Cognition
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NCERT Class 12 Psychology
Chapter 6 Attitude and Social Cognition
Exercise | Q 12 | Page 126
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