Your College is Going to Arrange a Rally to Raise Funds Tohelp Drought Affected Farmers.· Prepare a Short Appeal Forpeople to Join the Rally with the Help of the Following Points: - English

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Your college is going to arrange a rally to raise funds to help drought affected farmers. Prepare a short appeal for people to join the rally with the help of the following points:
(i) Use slogans.
(ii) Make a persuasive appeal for generous donation.
(iii) Time and place of the rally.
(iv) Famous personality to lead the rally.
(v) Add your own points.

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Drought affected farmers
Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan
Water forms an important part of life
No Rain No Gain !
Let’s fight together, help each other and donate the best possibile We’ll gather on 3rd March, 2017 at 10 am at Azad Maidaan, Mumbai.
Anna Hazare will be joining us and leading the rally.
This is the time to understand, support and help each other If not do it now, then is there a use of being called Indian ? It’s time to live, it’s time to breathe, it’s time of togetherness.
        - Students Council
       - General body Council
Concept: Appeal
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