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Your College Celebrated the ‘World Environment Day’. You Are the Class Representative. Write a Report on the Elebration of the ‘World Enviornment Day - English

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Answer in Brief

Report writing -
Your college celebrated the ‘World Environment Day’. You are the Class Representative. Write a report on the  elebration of the ‘World Enviornment Day’ with the help of the help of the following points:
(i) Inauguration of the function
(ii) Address by the Chief Guest
(iii) Various activities carried out
(iv) Exhibition arranged
(v) Vote of thanks

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6th June 2018

                   Rao Junior College of Science located at Andheri West celebrated its World Environment Day on 5th June 2018.
Mr. Salman Khan was the Chief Guest of this ceremony. He planted a rose plant and inagurated ceremony.There were lot of crowd as many people gathered to watch Salman Khan and also to be a part of this programme. He addressed in his speech to all people “To save mother earth plant more trees”. Students of our 11th Std Div. A  erformed Drama on ‘Mother Earth’, apart from this class -12th  students performed a group song to save mother earth. At last college gave an activity to all the students “Cultivate Seeds and Nurture the Plant” under this activity our college arranged Exhibition to show how students have nurtured various plants. Tree plantation was also done in the college ground. After all the activities snacks was distributed to all the students and staff. Our Principal Sir Mr. Rao felicitated Mr. Salman Khan, and said special thanks for sharing his time with us. Overall the programme was a great success with everyone’s effect. 

                                                  - By Student Reporter.

Concept: Writing Skill
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