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Your College is 20 Km Away from Your Village. You Go to the College by S.T. Bus, but the Bus Timings Are Not Convenient for You and Other Students. Write a Letter of Complaint to the Epot Manager - English

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Answer in Brief

Your college is 20 km away from your village. You go to the college by S.T. bus, but the bus timings are not convenient for you and other students. Write a letter of complaint to the  Depot Manager of your town/city. Suggest some solutions for the problem.

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206, Rose villa,
Bandra (W),
18th February, 2019 

The Depot Manager,
State Transport Services,
Fort – 400026. 

Subject : Complaining about inconvenient bus timings for students. 


  I would like to draw your attention to the despairing lack of public transport in the locality. My college is 20 km away from my village and we have to travel by S.T. bus but bus timings are not at all convenient for me and other students as well. Buses do not ply on the long stretches and cabs are out of the question due to the high prices they charges.  
         We need more public transport at the convenient timings when students travel to schools/ colleges along
with more traffic police who will be able to help us. We are willing to petition the council office but we are hoping you could kindly help us in this matter.

Hence, it is my earnest request that you will be so kind as to the needful.
Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Truly,

Concept: Writing Skill
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