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Your City Was Inundated by the Recent Rains Causing Extensive Water Logging, Traffic Snarls and Ugly Jams. the Life of the Common Man Was Completely Disrupted. You Have Decided to Write an Email to the Editor of a Local Daily Describing the Condition of the City. - English - Communicative

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Your city was inundated by the recent rains causing extensive water logging, traffic snarls and ugly jams. The life of the common man was completely disrupted. You have decided to write an email to the editor of a local daily describing the condition of the city. Make suggestions for improvement. As Renu/Rohit, write this email in 120-150 words

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Date: 7 March 2014

Subject: Water logging in the city due to rains


I am a regular reader of your national daily and wish to utilise its columns to highlight the problem of water logging and traffic jams in the city caused due to the recent rains.

The life of the common man was completely disrupted as local transport services were disrupted. Many vehicles were submerged as the drainage system in the city is poor. Plastic and other waste clog the drains, the slope of the roads is incorrect and there are not enough flyovers to bypass the submerged roads. The authorities need to improve the drainage system, resurface the roads and make more flyovers to improve the conditions. An alternate transport system, like Delhi's underground Metro railway, needs to be started.

I hope that the concerned authorities will take appropriate action promptly.

Yours sincerely,


Concept: Writing Skill
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