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You Were One Among a Group of Students Who Represented Your State in a National Youth Exchange Programme. It Was an Eye-opener Which Made You Realise the Spirit of Unity in Diversity. - English - Communicative

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You were one among a group of students who represented your state in a national youth exchange programme. It was an eye-opener which made you realise the spirit of unity in diversity. Taking ideas from the MCB unit on National Integration along with your own ideas, write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in 100–120 words on the importance of National Integration. You are Maya/Mohan, 4 Rampur Road, Bareilly.

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Maya Gupta
4, Rampur Road
20th March 2015

The Editor
The Hindustan Times
Kasturba Gandhi Marg
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Subject: Importance of national integration

I, Maya Gupta from Vidyamandir High School, was fortunate to represent my state in the national youth exchange programme Yuvajans. I interacted closely with many Indian ethnic communities and discovered that we are very alike despite our differences. Problems such as parochialism and communalism become obstacles in India’s course to become a truly integral nation. The nation’s harmony is thus imperilled by such nefarious forces. We must set an example to the world by recognising the ties which bind us instead of the fault lines which divide us. Tolerance and brotherhood should become our guiding lights to harmony. In the words of Nehru, “There is only one India of which all us are inheritors, it belongs to all of us."

Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Maya Gupta

Concept: Writing Skill
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