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You Went to Book a Ticket at the Railway Station. You Came Across Long Queues, Chaos and Unhelpful Staff. You Wasted a Day and Came Back Without Booking the Ticket. Make a Diary Entry in 50 – 60 Words Expressing Your Concern About the System. - English - Communicative

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You went to book a ticket at the railway station. You came across long queues, chaos and unhelpful staff. You wasted a day and came back without booking the ticket. Make a diary entry in 50 – 60 words expressing your concern about the system.

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27 Oct. 2014 9:00 PM

Dear Diary, Today, I went to the railway station to book tickets for a trip to Kolkata. After struggling with the noisy hoards, I was told that the tickets were sold out. The ticketing system has to be overhauled to address the problems of the working man. The system is indeed in a sorry state today.



Concept: Writing Skill
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