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You Want to Start a New Club in Your School. Write a Letter to Your Principal Requesting Permission to Start the Club, Explain Your Role in It and Give Reasons to Prove that the - English 1 (English Language)

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Answer in Brief

You want to start a new club in your school. 

Write a letter to your Principal requesting permission to start the club, explain your role in it and give reasons to prove that the club will be beneficial for the school. 

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Flat 236, Block C,

Hill Crest View Apartments,

Salem Streets,

Coonoor -26

23rd February, 2018


The Principal,

St Joseph School,

6, Cavalry Road,


Dear Sir, 

I write this letter to request you to please grant me permission to start the club in our school. This is based on the interest of the student body in science and particularly in chemistry, this letter is a proposal to from a high school chemistry club. The main goal of this club is to provide a fun opportunity for students to broaden a fun opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of chemistry and to interest in chemistry. As such, the proposed club's members would like to participate as an Acs chem club our school. This Acs Chem Club program is supported by American Chemical Society (ACS), Office of high school chemistry.

There are several reasons why the establishment of a high school chemistry Club is important. A chemistry club can :-

(1) Allow students to cultivate their interest in chemistry in an informal environment, without the pressure of being graded. (2) Reinforce the relevance of chemistry to students in everyday lives.
(3) Introduce students to the possibility of future study or employment in chemistry.
(4) Offer students the opportunity to serve their community. (5) Expand students  leadership skills by conducting demonstrations, Lab activities or community outreach events. 

Charterning our high school chemistry club with ACS provides us with several benefits. Among those benefits are : 

(1) Participation  in a nation wide network of high school chemistry clubs.
(2) Access to selected ACS activities, projects and information.
(3) Receiving materials and resources from ACS free of charge.
(4) Connections with ACS local sections and ACS student chapters at local colleges and universities. 

I hope that this proposal will be approved.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nita, 8th Std Cr. 

Enclosures :-

(1) Member list
(2) Planned activities
(3) Club bylaws
(4) Mission statement
 (5) Acs information

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