Maharashtra State BoardHSC Arts 12th Board Exam
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You Want a Bonafide Certificate in Order to Register Your Name in the Employment Exchange Office of Your District. Write a Letter of Application to the Principal of Your Junior College Requesti - English

You want a bonafide certificate in order to register your name in the Employment Exchange Office of your district. Write a letter of application to the Principal of your Junior College requesting him/her to issue you the same.

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                                                                                 8G, Sonia Apartments,
                                                                                 Heaven colony,
                                                                                 M.G. Road,
                                                                                 Mumbai - 400 017.
                                                                                 28th February, 2017


The Principal,
The General English Jr. College,
Dadar (E),
Mumbai - 400037.
              Subject: Requesting letter to issue Bonafide Certificate.
Respected Sir,
I was a student of your junior college. I had completed my studies last year and am now in the process of looking for a job. For the same purpose I require a bonafide certificate from the college. So that I can register my name in the Employment Exchange office, Wadala, Mumbai.
I request you, to kindly issue the same as soon as possible so that I can fill up the required forms and register myself for employment.
I am eagerly awaiting for my bonafied certificate to be issued as early as possible. Thanking you, in anticipation.


Your sincere student,


Concept: Writing Skill
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