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You Intend to Join Coaching Classes at the International Coaching Center Situated in Raipur. the Institute Specializes in Teaching Science to Classes Xi-xii. - English - Communicative

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Answer in Brief

You intend to join coaching classes at the International Coaching Center situated in Raipur. The institute specializes in teaching science to classes XI-XII. Write a letter of inquiry in 100-120 words addressed to the Administrator in charge of the institute seeking clarification about the timings, duration, staff, transport, and other necessary details for joining the institute. You are Rajesh/Rajni 2, Library Road Jabalpur.

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Rajesh / Rajni
2 Library Road
18th March 2018
The Administrator Incharge
International Coaching Centre

Sub: Enquiry regarding XIth & XIIth Science Coaching Batch.

               With reference to your advertisement in Times of India, dated 17th March 2018 regarding new batch admissions for XIth & XIIth std science batch, I solicit some information. I have just completed my 10th standard from CBSE, Jabalpur and I am interested in taking admission for this XIth & XIIth science batch course in the morning session.

Kindly supply me the following details:

(i) Batch timings of the session.

(ii) Duration of the course.

(iii) Staff or faculties information.

(iv) Transportation details.

(v) Documents required for enrollment. (vi) Any other important information

I am sending a self – addressed envelope please dispatch the requisite information at the earliest.

Yours faithfully

Rajesh / Rajni.

Concept: Writing Skill
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