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You Have Read an Account of the Final Stages Or Amelia'S Life. It Had Been a Saga of Struggle and Courage. Read About Her Early Life - the Factors that Inspired Her to Become - English - Communicative

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You have read an account of the final stages or Amelia's life. It had been a saga of struggle and courage. Read about her early life - the factors that inspired her to become an aviator and the difficulties she raced. Make a project on her life. Here is a list or the reference books and websites which will guide you in your endeavour. It can also be in the form or a CD. 

o The Sound of Wings by Mary S. Lovell, 1989, Century-Hutchinson Ltd., ISBN 0-09-1 73596-3 
o Last Flight by Amelia Earhart (arranged by George Palmer Putnam from correspondence), 1988, Crown Publishers, ISBN 0-51 7-56794-6 
o The Epic of Flight: Women Aloft by Valerie Moolman, Time/ Life Books, ISBN 0-8094-3289-7 
o Biography: Amelia Earhart by Blythe Randolph, 1987, Frankin Watts Publisher, ISBN 0-531-100331-5 

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Amelia Earhart was born in a rich family. Her grandfather left her a rich fortune which helped her finance her early flying career. Her father was having a modem outlook and he always encouraged his daughters to move ahead of boys. She was a tomboy in all senses. She was suffering from sinusitis which always affected her flying exploits. Once, her father spent a fortune of $ 10 so that she could experience the joy of flying. This was the incident when the flying bug bit her. Being a woman was a major stumbling block for her but because of support from her father she could realize her dreams. Later on she was criticized for her lack of sense of flying but it did not deter her.

Once her flying career started she became a celebrity in America. She utilized her celebrity status to endorse products which gave her enough money to finance her flying ambitions. She also authored many books and earned handsome royalties. She was a pioneer in many senses. Those were the early days of development and people were apprehensive of flying. She gave confidence to people. Apart from flying Amelia also advocated women liberation. Two men in her life, her father and her husband, were crucial in helping her realizing her dreams. Memorials have been built at several places in America after her name.

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