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You Have Opened New Shop Stationary in Node of Your City. Write a Letter of Enquiry for Different Items for Your Shop from Wholesale Dealers from Mumbai. Mention All Details Regarding Different - Communication Skills

Answer in Brief

You have opened new shop stationary in node of your city. Write a letter of enquiry for different items for your shop from wholesale dealers from Mumbai. Mention all details regarding different varieties, colour, quality and prices etc while you need for your shop. (Used modified block).

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                                                                    PEN FRIEND
                                      PREMIUM STATIONERY AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES
                                                022- 28964321.
                                                Shop no. 33, Glomax Mall, Kharghar- 33.

                                                                                                        15 December 2017.

The Proprietor,
Kalam Stationary Suppliers,
Crawford Market, 2nd lane,
Mumbai- 400053.

                                        Sub: Request for quotation

Dear Sir,
              I understand that Your Fame deals in wholesale supplies of office and school stationery since many decades I have opened a new stationery shop at glomax mall in Kharghar node of Navi Mumbai and hence I wish to enquire about the availability of the following office and school stationery and supplies: Description Quantity
1 Cello gel pens 200
2 Parker pen sets 200
3 Montex winner ball pen 50
4 Rolex premium goldpens 50
5 Natraj pencil Hundred box
6 A4 size printing paper 500 packets
7 A4 size executive Bond papers 50 packets
8 Kangaroo office supplies V 100 box

Please let me know the availability the rates processing time delivery mechanism and other terms and conditions by 24th December. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope that you will offer attractive discount as we wish to establish a long standing business relationship with you.
                                                                                                                       Vijay Bhagwat,

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