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You Have Lost Your Original Certificates of Class X and Xii. You Want to Get Their Duplicates Issued but You Do Not Know the Procedure. Write a Letter to the Chairman, Cbse, Preet Vihar - English - Language and Literature

Answer in Brief

You have lost your original certificates of class X and XII. You want to get their duplicates issued but you do not know the procedure. Write a letter to the Chairman, CBSE, Preet Vihar enquiring about the fee to be deposited, mode of payment, time taken by the board for issuing duplicate certificates and any other formalities. You are Tarun / Taruna, 7/9, Kunj Apartments, Shimla (100-120 words).

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7/9, Kunj Apartments
2 March 2019

Preet Vihar


Subject: Details for the issuing of duplicate certificates and any other formalities

I was a student at XYZ school. I had completed my schooling in the year 2015. I am now preparing for a job interview and I need all my certificates of class X and XII. But, I have lost my original certificates of class X and XII.  I would like to inquire about the procedure for the issuing of the duplicate certificates and the other formalities attached to it. Please fill me with the required information about the fees and mode of payment for the issue of duplicate certificates. I would also like to know the time that will be taken by the board for issuing duplicate certificates.

I request you to reply as soon as possible. I will be very grateful to you.

Thanking you in anticipation. 

Yours Truly,

Concept: Writing Skill
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