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You have great thirst for knowledge in a foreign language of your own choice. You are also prepared to peruse your education - English

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Answer in Brief

You have great thirst for knowledge in a foreign language of your own choice. You are also prepared to peruse your education abroad for the same. You are therefore seeking a university for a degree in a foreign language of your choice. Prepare a ‘statement of purpose’ in about 100 to 150 words, which will help you to get admission to this University.

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I have been in love with foreign languages as long as I can remember. My native language isn’t a very popular one in India. As a kid, it was thrilling to talk with my family as no one else would understand. This thrill grew into a passion when I took Spanish classes in 2nd grade. The uniqueness of the language, the way it allowed me to talk to a completely different set of people made me realise that a career in foreign languages would be ideal for me.
I have excelled in my Spanish exam and have translated two English books namely ‘White Rose’ by Kip Wilson and ‘Into the Night’ by Sarah Bailey to Spanish as a part of my internship during summer vacations. Apart from this, I have been learning French in school since 5th grade and hold around 60% proficiency in the language. I am also fluent in Hindi and English. I strongly wish to enhance my skills and widen my knowledge spectrum to pursue a successful career as a teacher, translator, guide and expert in foreign languages. My goal is to learn 6+ foreign languages and specialise in at least 2 languages.
I have participated and won multiple competitions relating to writing and elocution. I can fluently speak, read, write, explain and translate the above-mentioned languages. I have been volunteering to teach the basics of Spanish and French to orphans and rural kids under the AngelXpress foundation. I dream to travel the world as a private translator.
I recently took a trip to Japan and have been enthralled by the Japanese culture and language. I am specifically interested in pursuing a degree in Japanese and the degree offered by your university for Japanese and other foreign languages is a perfect match. I am more than willing to move to Kyoto, in order to pursue this degree. I believe that I am an ideal candidate for your course. With the exposure and knowledge that your course provides and with my hard work, I will be successful in living my dream one day.

Concept: Writing Skill
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SCERT Maharashtra Question Bank 12th Standard HSC English Maharashtra State Board 2022
Chapter 3 Section 3 : Writing Skills
Set 5: A2. Statement of purpose | Q 2
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