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You Have Been Gifted a New Cell Phone Which Powered by Solar Energy. Write an Email to Your Friend Describing the Phone and All Its Exciting Features. You May Use the Notes that You Have Made in A.7. - English Core

Answer in Brief

You have been gifted a new cell phone which is powered by solar energy. Write an email to your friend describing the phone and all its exciting features. You may use the notes that you have made in A.7.

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Date : May 11, 20 - -
From :
To :
Subject : New Cell phone :  Solar 777

Dear Mehak

I hope my letter will find you all, in the best of health and spirits . I was mightily thrilled to receive two books 'The Tinkler's Question' and 'The Immortals of Meluha' that you sent lately.

I apprise you of the most wonderful gift that has made a difference to me. I am sure it will also change the mindsets of the entire country, once it becomes popular . The new cell phone 'SOLAR' 777 is powered by solar energy . Realising the side- effects of mobile-phones. many manufacturers are going green while others are going solar . Three cheers for Samsung that has introduced the solar-powered phone. It is a touch  phone that has full solar panel on its back . This panel can generate  enough power to charge the phone. It has a built-in pedometer to keep a tab on the carbon dioxide emissions. And ... more important, it fits into your pocket and your budget constraints. It provides fifteen minutes of talktime for every hour of sunlight . Isn't it a wonderful invention?

I shall gift you Coral 200, a solar-powered handset from Chinese mobile manufacturer ZTE on your birthday

Bye 1 Stay in touch.
Your friend

Concept: Reading Skill (Textual)
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CBSE Class 10 English Course Communicative (Main Course Book Interact in English)
Chapter 3.1 Promise For The Future: Renewable Energy
Q 8 | Page 96
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