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You Have Attended a Birthday Party Hosted by One of Your Classmates. You Found Some Guests at the Party Sitting in a Corner Making a Lot of Noise and Consuming 'Something - Biology

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You have attended a birthday party hosted by one of your classmates. You found some guests at the party sitting in a corner making a lot of noise and consuming 'something'. After a while one of the boys from the group started screaming, behaving abnormally and sweating profusely. On enquiry you found that the group members were taking drugs.

(a) Would you inform your parents/school authorities ? Yes/No. Give reasons in support of your answer.

(b) Prepare a note to be circulated amongst the schoolmates about the sources and dangers of any two drugs.

(c) Write any two ways that you will suggest to your school principal so as to promote awareness amongst the youth against the use of these drugs.

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a) Yes, I will inform the school authorities because such kind of behaviour may lead to many terrible consequences in future. It may lead to addiction to drugs which is bad for one's health and will also leave a negative impact on society.

b) Following are two drugs that are most commonly available:

 Drugs Sources Dangers
 Cocaine  Cocoa plant  Damage to blood vessels, increased heart rate,
 damage to lungs and kidneys, stroke and even death
 (if taken in large amount)
 Marijuana  Cannabis sativa  Mental retardation, lung infection, increased risk of lung cancer

(c) Ways to promote awareness amongst the youth against the use of these drugs are as follows:

1. All students must be inspired to adopt a healthy lifestyle. They should be encouraged to participate in sports and other activities that make the mind and body healthy.

2. There should be a counsellor who must talk to students about their problems and situations that force them to adopt wrong habits (drug consumption). The counsellor should always be there to guide the students on how to deal with their problems.

Concept: Drugs and Alcohol Abuse - Adolescence - Drug and Alcohol Abuse
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