You Had Visited Antarctica and Had an Opportunity to See the Polar Ice Caps Melting and Realized that the Threat of Global Warming is Very Real. - English - Communicative

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You had visited Antarctica and had an opportunity to see the polar ice caps melting and realized that the threat of global warming is very real. Taking ideas from the MCB unit on Environment along with your own ideas, write an article in 100–120 words on what a student can do to preserve the environment. You are Rama/Ram.

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Prevent Global Warming
By Rama Bakshi

A recent visit to Antarctica brought me face to face with the problem of Global Warming. The ice caps at the Polar Regions are melting rapidly due to human activities such as deforestation and reckless exploitation of fossil fuels. Thanks to which, coastlines are being swallowed by the rising water levels. Though it seems like we are moving towards an impending ecological doom, there are measures which even students can take to slow down the process. The key to preserving our planet lies in making smart choices. Planting more trees, opting for cleaner and greener technologies, minimising our dependence on automobiles and using the Earth’s resources judiciously can prevent us from moving towards a systematic collapse.

Concept: Article Writing
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2014-2015 (March) All India Set 2

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