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You Had Gone on a Trekking Expendition with a Group of Friends. as Night Closed In, You Realised that You Were Separated from the Group. - English

Answer in Brief

You had gone on a trekking expendition with a group of friends. As night closed in, you realised that you were separated from the group. Describe your initial feelings and the place where you got lost. How did you spend the night alone before you were reunited with your group? 

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When I was in school in 8th Std., me and my friend went for a trek in the nearby Sirunalai hill, which was near to my college. We started at 6 am in the morning with all the necessary things, such as rope, shoes, drinking water, spare dresses etc. Food was arranged and also snacks for morning and afternoon. On the way we took many pictures in the foothills. Slowly we started climbing up the hill and found many trees and rocks which disturbed our trekking. 

On the way we saw many birds and also deers in the hill. After a long walk for  almost three hours, we halted at a  place rested for some time then we all had breakfast as everyone was extremely hungry, then after some time we continued our trek again. We kept walking for another three hours and then since all were hungry halted at a comfortable place for lunch. 

After finishing our lunch we made a campfire and sat around it and had lot of fun. And by 4 O’clock we again started walking but by 6 pm it started becaming dark suddenly I realised that I was seperated from the group. I was really afraid and didn’t understand what to do. 

I consoled myself and then realised I had to anyways spend the night alone as I didn’t knew where the group was. I removed my (net)  tent, mat, blanket, arranged them all and also burnt a mosquito coil and tried sleeping but could not as I could hear strange noises but I tried to be calm. By gods grace nothing troubled me and I felt sleepy around 1 am midnight so slept. 

I suddenly woke-up around  5 am when the sun was red and the day was dawning. I packed up my belongings and went to a place from where I could see everything. Just looking around I saw my friends at a very far away distance. So I started moving that way but finally reached them within one hour without taking any halt. 

I was very happy to finally be with them again but the night which I spent alone in such a place was like a nightmare which I would never like to remember it. It also proved and gave me confidence that I can survive in the worst situation as well that gives me happiness. Hence, it is a combination of happiness and fear.

Concept: Writing
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