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You Are Vaibhavi Sinha, Examination in Charge, Goodway Public School, Aurobindo Road, Indore. You Require 4 Reams of White Paper, 2 Packets of Carbon Paper, One Dozen Registers, Blue and - English - Language and Literature

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Answer in Brief

You are Vaibhavi Sinha, examination in charge, Goodway Public School, Aurobindo Road, Indore. You require 4 reams of white paper, 2 packets of carbon paper, one dozen registers, blue and red ballpoint pens (50 each). Place an order with Sunrise Stationery Mart, 12 Mall Road, Indore mentioning terms of payment, discount asked by you and delivery date. (100-150 words).

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Goodway Public School  
Aurobindo Road, Indore
March 5, 2019

Sunrise Stationery Mart
12 Mall Road, Indore

Dear Sir
Subject: Purchase of stationery

I wish to place a bulk order for the supply of stationery for the school for the academic session 2020-2021. The particulars of the items and their quantity to be supplied are given below:  Particulars  Quantity
1. White Paper 4 reams
2. Carbon Paper 2 packets
3. Registers 1 dozen
4. Blue ballpoint pens 50 pieces
5. Red ballpoint pens 50 pairs

We are your regular customers and expect the maximum discount. Do send us the items from the fresh lot. The payment of these items will be digitally made. Do let us know the date by which you will deliver these items. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly
Vaibhavi Sinha
(Examination Incharge)

Concept: Writing Skill
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