You Are the Captain of Your College Cricket Team. You Have Your Final Match on Sunday. Your Teammates Are Nervous - English

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Short Note

You are the captain of your college cricket team. You have your final match on Sunday. Your teammates are nervous. Prepare a speech motivating them to face the challenge courageously. (About 100 words)

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Dear friends and fellow teammates, we have our final match on Sunday and you have been practicing a lot. If all the players stay together then nobody can stop our team. I am sure you will do your best to play a good match. There is no need to be nervous, remember, participation and playing a game is more important than winning.
Each one of us has worked hard, arriving for practice early in the morning, doing your workouts, sacrificing your private lives and entertainment time for cricket. Having done all this I am sure you will come to the match feeling optimistic and ready to take on the opposing them. Be positive, Be cheerful, Be united and victory will be ours!
Concept: Writing Skills
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